When God Was Present in the Soul

When God Was Present in the Soul

ALLAH SWT. is an absolute thing, the power of intelligence of wealth and everything is Supreme. We know that the majority of all people claim to have ALLAH SWT., we know that every individual believes and believes in ALLAH SWT. it exists. Many people know that ALLAH SWT. is omnipotent, many people know that ALLAH SWT. it has governed the order of life in such a way, which is permissible and which is not. If we already know, understand, understand, clear and master the rules of ALLAH SWT.. Is our life already with Him? Is our inner being happy. Whether we can solve all the problems of life. How do we claim to be GOD SWT. if our lives are far from happy and even always suffer because of the many problems. Where is ALLAH SWT., so he forgets that we are always suffering, miserable, humiliated, sidelined, full of poverty, full of failure, no hope that comes true.

Are we the way of god almighty. That's right. Do we understand, understand, love ALLAH SWT. heartfelt. Are weallah SWT. just a formality and identity. Have we been honest and do not deceive ALLAH SWT. in all deeds. Do we rely on ALLAH SWT. for He is forgiving. Have we presented ALLAH SWT. in the soul. Have we decorated the journey of life always with ALLAH SWT.. Have we thought every second, minute, hour, day even month about ALLAH SWT.. Do we realize that sinning will be happy. Is all this too heavy for us to run. Yach...... it is better not to if our lives do not need the presence of ALLAH SWT..

Many people haveALLAH SWT. but He is not always with Him. Many people ask for help in his prayers but none of them are granted. Until all become saturated, because ALLAH SWT. indifferent. Until all seek happiness according to his will. Until all work without asking For His help again because OF ALLAH SWT. don't want to understand.

The presence of ALLAH SWT. in the soul is not as difficult as we imagined. Is not now every living soul there is an element of ALLAH SWT. inside. The problem is whether we are aware that ALLAH SWT. it's very close to us, even closer than our veins. This means that to destine ALLAH SWT. in the soul is not difficult. In His word, that ALLAH SWT. it is omnipotent, so ALLAH SWT. it does not know suffering and poverty, then ALLAH SWT. Don't need anyone's help. ALLAH SWT. is the centralization of all intelligence and thought, this is what causes Him to be called ALLAH SWT..

ALLAH SWT. has taught all of us, that to catch a tiger will be better results than shooting is by the way we learn the behavior and living system of tigers. So do we to know ALLAH SWT. and to present Him is by studying all the attributes and names of His greatness. That ALLAH SWT. it does not know suffering and poverty, this means the greatness of the thought of ALLAH SWT. already able to defeat suffering and poverty. On the other hand ALLAH SWT. it is Merciful and Merciful, this means ALLAH SWT. has had love and love that is more than just self-gratitude and a certain intent to love him. So that His thoughts are over and above all.

The process of understanding the learning of elements of ALLAH SWT. for us as human beings is to reinforce the thought that is accompanied by conscience to overcome that indeed suffering and poverty do not exist. If there is still suffering and poverty it is clear that the process of unification of thought with our conscience is still defeated by the power of suffering and the essence of poverty itself. Suffering is our thought process because we recognize and experience that we are suffering, this must be defeated by the thought process, that suffering is a sense that does not actually exist and must be killed by the thought process that is manifested in its implementation until there is no suffering. This is the presence of ALLAH SWT. in the soul will be more meaningful.

Meaning when ALLAH SWT. present in the soul is the process of the loss of the shackles of the soul that make us helpless, suffering lara, anger and wrath angkara. The shackles of the soul are the balancing point of the extent to which the mind is able to eliminate from all sides of life. Controlling the shackles of the soul is by improving the process of being sincere and grateful to ALLAH SWT. in all conditions and circumstances, no matter suffering or happiness. Sincere and grateful is the fruit of the formation and utilization of obtimal conscience. The essence of conscience is a power of honesty, patience and all the qualities of goodness that must be established and able to overcome everything that shackles it.

The shackles of the soul are the essence of the human person as a noble being. Glory itself we will get as human beings, which is when we are able to control in a reality the life of all the shackles of the soul. This is where man can enjoy life in his perfection as a real human being. When a man is shackled by the nature of riya', ujub, sum'ah, takabur, envy, spite, hasud and the like, then this is where man is in a state of loss and will not get perfection in life.

ALLAH SWT. as the essence of the centralization point of truth will be present in the souls of men who have been free from the shackles of the soul. Do you remember... that Rosulullah SAW in his youth had been visited by two angels and then split Rosulullah. This is the greatness of Allah in freeing Rosulullah SAW from all the shackles of the soul. We as ordinary human beings are not unable to control the shackles of the soul, the shackles of the soul we can control by exploring our thoughts and consciences to adventure in our souls by analyzing all elements of the soul to fight the shackles of the soul.

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