Making Handicraft Used Bottles with Painting

Many of the items that most people throw away every day can actually be used as craft supplies. If you're just thinking creatively, you'll be able to save money and recycle cans, bottles, cardboard and other materials, just by uniting into something new. You might even be able to sell your creations to earn more money.

Craft From Used Bottle Painting

Making Handicraft Used Bottles with Painting

There are a number of crafts you can make from glass bottles and jars. You can buy a set of glass paint, which is transparent and looks beautiful when painted on bottles and jars. Lightweight-based paints are the best choice for kids, but there are also solvent-based paints that work best if adults are going to make crafts. You can also use opaque paint to make interesting painted jars and bottles. You can even use the rest of the flat wall paint and spray paint on the glass, especially if you plan to add a glaze sealant when finished. Before painting, clean the glass thoroughly to increase the adhesion of the paint. It usually works best to apply the first light color. Once they are dry, add a dark color. If using standard latex or acrylic paint, apply a clear gloss glaze as a last step to help preserve the finish.

If you're like most people, you throw away or recycle a lot of cans every day. However, they can be used to create many interesting craft projects. Cans with plastic caps can be painted and used as decorative storage containers. However, even if the can does not have a lid, you may be able to find a plastic cap from another container that will fit. Spray paint designed for metal surfaces works well on cans. Once the tin has been painted a solid color, you can use an artist's enamel paint and brush to add to the design. Alternatively, use decals to make the job simpler. You can also use sharp piercing objects or other to carefully make holes to the sides can to make decorative candle holders. For example, lightly trace the shape of the heart to the can. Then, use a piercer to make the holes evenly spaced along the tracked shape.

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