How to Choose the Right School For Your Child?

How to Choose the Right School For Your Child?

You're preparing to find a new school for your kids? It is best to look for adequate references first before determining which school to choose. You must also act smartly and carefully in choosing a school. It is not my intention to justify a particular school bad or good, but rather to remind each parent of their children's education. This is important considering that parents' choices may determine your child's future.

Different when determining the level of education strata 1, whose determination is dominated by the will of the child. At the primary and secondary school level the parental factor still plays an important role even more dominantly. Therefore, parents need a little understanding and careful consideration before choosing a school for their children.

School is not the only determining pillar of children's future. Many other pillars contribute to support, such as family, child competence, birth talents, and social environment. But schools have a more dominant role in shaping character and developing children's competencies. So it is no wonder that all parents want their children to be able to attend a top/quality school. They hope their children will get a better education there. And when you graduate, you will be as smart and skilled as expected.

It is permissible and legitimate to have such good expectations. However, as a parent you have to be realistic and prepared with whatever consequences have to be borne. Your child must be properly prepared mentally and mind, as well as you who must be prepared with all the obligations required later. Whether it's fees or active participation that the school has programmed. When you and your child are ready for it all, then hasten to win a tight competition to win the flagship school. Good luck!

  • Tips for Choosing a School For Children

If in the previous explanation I specifically to the parents who want their children to enter the flagship school. That is a school that has a good reputation and has a plus compared to other schools, the following explanations and tips I specifically for those of you who are still looking for a suitable school for your child.

You certainly have your own considerations and different questions about the continuity of your child's education. However, at least the following tips can help you remember other factors that may be forgotten in your consideration list.

  • Define a Family Vision for Your Child

What hope do you want in your child in their future. A good hope is one that meets two things: wanting to be what your child can be and wanting to be what your child is going forward. And that desire must be balanced between the success of the world and the hereafter.

  • Choose a School That Has a Relevant Vision

You should come to the school you will choose to ensure that the school has the same vision or is close to your family's vision. The vision of the school can be known by having a direct dialogue with the school leadership or you read the brochures. But please note that not all school brochures represent the real condition of the school. Some brochures are deliberately designed to show only the best things from the school. So, you have to be smart also in reading school brochures.

  • Engage Your Child

You need to be aware that what is going to school is your child. They need to be invited to make choices. Certainly with previous briefings. Convey your hope for your child's future so that it becomes our child's consideration when choosing a school.

  • View School Program

Once you know the vision of the school then try to research the programs designed by the school. Are those programs sufficient to achieve the school's expected vision. Therefore, also ask the indicators of achieving the school's vision to see the adequacy of the program.

Who are the Teachers

Quality schools are almost always synonymous with qualified teachers. Therefore, teachers should be the main consideration in choosing your child's school. The important thing to note is how they are moral and whether they are easy to work with to educate your child.

  • Find References from Graduates

The output or income of students in a school is the most tangible evidence of the quality of the school on offer. You can ask a friend or neighbor or relative or other person you know whose son is at the school you choose.

  • Are School Facilities Safe and Comfortable

School facilities don't have to be fancy. The most important thing is that the first does not physically harm your child and the second is neat and clean. A neat and clean school indirectly teaches your child to be neat and clean. On the contrary, dirty classes will make our children lose their sense of cleanliness.

  • Observe School Culture

Schools that have a good culture will give birth to good attitudes in their students. A quality school must have at least 5 cultures: time discipline culture, reading culture, clean culture, achievement culture, and noble moral culture.

  • Extracurricular Activities

A good school is a school that provides adequate support and time for extracurricular activities. The more extracurricular activities provided, the better the school will be. Your child will have many choices according to their interests. And surely your child will be more at home in school to participate in these creative and productive school activities.

  • School Distance and Transportation Facilities

You should also consider the distance of the school to your home. Find a school closer to your home. In addition to being light on costs and saving time, schools close to home will save your child energy.

Also pay attention to the means of transportation that connect the school with your home. If using public transport, consider the ease of finding it. And when your child uses a private vehicle, pay attention to safety factors during the round trip to school.

  • Your Fund Capabilities

Quality schools usually need more funding. For that you must carefully calculate the financial ability to finance your child's schooling. You don't have to push yourself. Make careful planning for children's educational needs. Sukur-sukur you find a quality school but at a relatively cheap cost. Find as many references as possible about this one. Don't let your family's finances become unhealthy or your child is restless because in the middle of the road you feel unable to afford his schooling needs anymore.

Those are some of the considerations you can use before deciding which school is right for your child. In reality, perhaps not all of the above consideration lists can be accommodated properly. However, I'm sure you know better about the scale of the priorities you set.

Greetings Success!

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