Handicraft Gerabah

Earthenware is a tool or craft made of clay that is formed and then burned to then be used as useful and helpful tools in life.


pottery making is often seen in online media that is in the country of Indonesia, various forms, large, small and as we see in general, this pottery is very easy to market, because many of its functions are as containers where rice, water, pots and so on.

The art of pottery handicrafts located in kendal area precisely in the country of Indonesia is not much different from the art of pottery crafts in other areas such as banjarnegara and Kasongan Yogyakarta.

This clay-based craft art to be able to become a desirable form requires a process in a little time. For in this pekunden area as already done by potters is to mix clay with filtered sand. Then the dough is from clay, sand and a little water in a way that is still very traditional in stepping - step on to mix and soften the texture of the clay that takes ± 1 hour.

After the clay is finished the new mixing stage can be processed and processed according to the desired shape.

Be it in the form of pots, cobek, furnaces, pans and art items such as various pots or vases of flowers, decorative items of living room decorations, garden decorations and others according to the goods ordered by the fans of art goods.

Not only here, the potters in kendal town still use traditional equipment that is perbot.

The pottery tool here is made of wood and underneath is placed a rotating tool so that the craftsmen between the feet and hands are regular in moving it.

After the pottery is finished it still takes time for drying which takes approximately one day depending on the weather. If it is cloudy or raining even up to 3/4 day, but if the heat is hot enough 1 day pottery can already enter the final stage of burning.

Burning here is also still using a simple way because Kunden Village does not have a permanent pottery kiln, such as those in Klampok and Kasongan areas.

Because perhaps with this long and laborious process that resulted in the decline of interest of the younger generation to continue this hereditary heritage

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