Danger effects of Cavities

Danger effects of Cavities

Do you really like to eat sweet? love to drink sweet, like sweet snacks ....? If so then you should be able to resist your curiosity towards sweetness, because based on research, that sweet foods are the biggest factor that causes cavities. And you need to know that hollow teeth can cause many diseases from mild to acute diseases (can cause death).

when you consume sweet foods, then the sugar content in the food will stick to the crust of the teeth and will obviously cause cavities seedlings ( this happens within 2 minutes ). So for those of you who are crazy about sweets, chocolate, and all the sweet foods you should carefully read this article. Because believe it or not cavities have fatal consequences if we don't care.

when the tooth is perforated then there is an infection of the tooth. if not patched immediately it will result in a deeper infection of the tooth, then spread into the nervous cavity and cause the onset of abscesses at the end of the root of the tooth. Dental abscesses are a collection of PUS RESULTING from infections that occur in the nervous cavity of the tooth whose pain is excruciating. If there is still an infection of the dental nerve cavity then cavities will result in several diseases including:

  1. the date of the cavity
  2. mediastinitis ( Inflammation of the chest )
  3. sepsis ( inflammation throughout the body due to infection )
  4. facial cellulitis, Ludwigs angina ( spread of infection into the tissues such as heart, liver and others)
  5. osteomyelitisof the jaw ( Spread of infection into the jaw bone of the tooth)
  6. other spread will result in brain abscess (infection of the human brain)
  7. endocarditis ( inflammation that occurs in the lining of the heart, heart muscle and heart valves)
  8. pnemonia ( pneumonia aru )

If in further surgery there will be many more very dangerous effects of perforated tooth decay. So for those of us who want to be healthier please better regulated diet and way of consumption of our food. This article does not prohibit you to consume sweet foods but I recommend to regulate your diet.

There are some tips so that you can still consume sweet foods without having to worry about causing cavities. please follow these simple steps:

  • Try to eat or drink with a level that is not too sweet.

try to consume foods or drinks that are more reasonable sugar content. do not add too much sweetener, chocolate, or sugar to your consumption. because foods or drinks that are too sweet will result in the process of infection of the tooth crust occurs so quickly.

  • Do not eat / drink sweet before going to bed

if you hoby food or sugary drinks. I recommend not to consume it before you go to bed, because when you sleep infection of the teeth will occur so quickly and difficult to overcome.

  • Do not forget to brush your teeth after sweet consumption

after you consume sweet foods make sure you brush your teeth so that the rest of the sweet food can disappear from your teeth. if you have not had time to brush your teeth please gargle with clean water or neutralise with plenty of drinking water.

Based on some of the above reviews, it is expected that people who want to live healthy will think more about the consequences if they often consume sweet foods.ini only a suggestion and opinion from blog-solusi.blogspot.com

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