Utilizing Used Plastic Bottles Into Storage Boxes

Handicrafts From Plastic: Utilizing Used Plastic Bottles Into Storage Boxes - Yuhuuuu.... Tutorial how to make handicrafts this time will discuss about the utilization of used goods and as we have often discussed in other craft articles the materials used are in the form of plastic bottles, plastic bottles are used goods whose existence we can still recycle as much as possible into something craft products that may never have been thought before.

This time we will turn a large plastic bottle of mineral water into a craft item in the form of a storage box, this box you can use to store some accessories, sewing equipment, beads, candy containers, coins and so on. For those of you who have free time try to make handicrafts from the following plastics:

Images of handicrafts from plastic

Materials and equipment used are large used plastic bottles, scissors, and markers.

  • Cut the plastic bottle into two parts, the bottom of which will later be used into a storage box.
  • Once you're done cutting it, create a line using five markers with the same spacing between rows.
  • then cut the teat plastic bottle on the line you have made.
  • at the top of the plastic bottle make a curved line as shown in the image below.
  • cut back the curved part of the line you created earlier.
  • then the final result of the craft will look like the following.
  • bend the plastic bottle inside so that it can be shaped like a box with the second sheet before the end you give a double tip so that the last sheet can stick.

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