Some Causes of Failure in Online Businesses

Some Causes of Failure in Online Businesses

What makes someone fail in an attempt

  1. do not want action
  2. haste
  3. no tutor
  4. Next

Here are some important things you should avoid 

1. Don't want to learn.

To succeed anywhere, first must learn first. Online Business is a business with new skills that must be mastered, if you want to succeed in any profession must learn, why online business is not?

2. Shame to ask.

There are many online businesses that seem to be more senior who want to help. Haryo's proof asks at this time, I'm sure many friends will answer it.

Ask, then we'll get the answer. (Ancient proverbs that remain potent!)

3. Don't want action.

Well here it is. If you don't want to do it, then anywhere can't be successful. Gotta want to do a lot.

4. Lack of hard work.

The story of gold being found less than a metre away, shows how we stopped too fast. Most people are successful, they are not afraid to work hard.

5. Less smart work.

Engage others who are smarter in their field. Don't do it all yourself.

6. Less humble.

To succeed in any field, must be humble. Dare to apologize if wrong, and return the requested money if it does provide a guarantee.

7. Less energy use of others.

Work with other successful people. Use other people's advantages. Hire staff if there are already advantages.

8. Less reading.

Online businesses require us to write a lot, therefore we should also want to read a lot.

9. Less writing.

Practice blogging. It's great for relaxing the writing muscles. Almost all aspects of online business require us to write. 

10. Less courageous investment.

To succeed in any field must be courageous investment, investing into seminars, books, and courses that will return the results tens or even thousands of times.

11. Less daring CRAZY.

Sometimes to succeed must be brave rather eccentric and unique. Being yourself is sometimes said to be a er.

12. Focused on capital.

Said that success is not a matter of capital, because with a GOOD idea and the RIGHT relationship, capital can be obtained. Try to convince people who have capital or have goods to work with.

13. Don't have a GREAT vision!

How to succeed if you don't know where your online business is going. I'm sure the online business will be the biggest earner in the future. Let's prove it!

14. Don't have a good plan and CLEAR!

Success takes a big goal but a small plan. Small targets. People fail sometimes just because they don't have a DAILY target... for example: Want to write how many articles today? Want to write how many pages per day for information products, want to put ads anywhere today.

If the daily target does not exist, how do you want to reach the monthly target? how to reach the annual target?

15. Forget that to have must BE first.

That long struggle will make us tough people, a lot of people focus on the money first, they forget, that being sometimes more important than having.

Jim Rohn says: Be a billionaire, not because of the money, but because of what you become when the billionaire, because when you've become and know how, even if the money you gave all to the poor, you can still make it again with your billionaire mindset. steady.

16. Forget to be grateful.

Just see how fertile the neighbor's grass is, as a result so minder. , whereas we have also been given tremendous advantages that are waiting to be issued.

17. Do not give more than requested. (Not Over Deliver)

Over deliver. Give products that are much more valuable than their money. It's one of the most important keys to success in online business. Always over deliver. That quality goes everywhere.

18. Not paying attention to design and neatness

Don't stop with just good, hire a professional who can do better, tidy things up to be better. If the design used to not hold a role, but now it is increasingly proven, that people judge something from the appeareance first. First impressions are so tempting, next...

19. No Runtut.

Learn to explain in detail, in detail. The best products are often detailed, detailed, and detailed products. methodical. And it can be trained.

20. Don't try to automate as many things as possible.

System = Save Your Self Time Energy and Money.

Learn to automate all aspects of your online business. When you buy the guide, take a look at the system provided. How can you save money, effort and time.

Well because I learned to Over deliver. Here's another one:

21. Lack of Respect for time and Not learning to say NO!

Reduce chats even altogether, if not important. Reduce the number of people who come home without an appointment. Reduce things that cause time-outs such as watching endless soap operas.

Say no To drug, alcohol and gambling. steady!

Those are the 21 causes of failure in the online business version: . More info:  (hey, is there any hard work above?

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