Making Your Own Cute Chicken Dolls At Home Without Stitches

Cute Chicken Dolls

How to make handicrafts - Making Your Own Cute Chicken Dolls At Home Without Stitches - After in the previous article I once discussed about crafting from plastic bottles (Used Bottles: Home Handicrafts From Plastic Bottles of Mineral Water For Children, this time I will share a tutorial on making cute chicken dolls that you can do alone at home and the advantages of this doll is how to make it not use needles and right so that you are not obliged to sew it , but if you do not have equipment in the form of firing glue you can sew it.

This doll has a chicken shape with a pillow size for sleeping, so if you want the doll to be a sleeping companion you can make this cute doll, this doll is very simple and easy to make, several stages such as preparing materials and equipment, drawing patterns, cutting patterns, glueing fabrics, and inserting enough stuffing to make this doll, do this when you are out of work , or if you have a small child you can invite him to make the baby more skilled and creative.

Simply put this is the easiest technique to make dolls, you can use the shape of dolls with different patterns to your liking, you can create a circle shape, elongated, animal, or other unique doll shapes. Let's just make it:

Pictures of cute stuffed chickens Must-have materials and equipment:

  1. Fleece fabric with yellow and orange colors, you can use other color options, and make sure you have a large enough fabric size for 2 folds the size of your doll.
  2. Felt fabric or can use flannel with black color to make eyes.
  3. Glue shoot
  4. Scissors
  5. Dakron for stuffing dolls.

How to make your own doll:

  • Create a bonekaayam pattern with the shape of an egg, the size to your liking.
  • make a chicken crest and hands as shown below.
  • then scissors pattern doll by using scissors
  • following the pattern that has been created, this pattern consists of two layers of fabric.
  • make a chicken nose with a cloth that is orange triangular shape.
  • also make chicken legs if you want your doll to have legs, the shape of the legs is the same as the shape of the chicken hands but with a larger size.
  • Glue the chicken legs but leave a little on the top to make way for the dakron.
  • if you use a fabric with two sides back and forth that are different textures, then put the best texture on the inside so that later on when you glue the two layers of fabric and flip it the smooth side is outside.
  • glue all sides other than the bottom side to the dakron entrance using the firing glue.
  • then after drying, you can reverse the position of the fabric that was originally inside is now outside.
  • make a chicken nose by rolling a triangular cloth, then you can put it on the doll.
  • also make two small eye circles and also you glue them just above the nose.
  • after the chicken legs you give stuffing you can directly attach it to the body of the doll.
  • after that fill your doll with the amount of dakron as you want whether you want a hard or tender doll.

and the last step to glue the path that you used to insert dakron, and this is the end result of your cute doll, tara.... cute, cute, unique and definitely adorable isn't it, hehehe

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