Making Use of Used Glass Bottles To Become Unique Pigura

Unique Creations: Utilizing Used Glass Bottles To Become Unique Pigura - Tutorial how to make crafts this time may not be said to be handicrafts, but more precisely is to make use of unused used goods to be useful and will even look very unique and interesting if we use it as a beautiful room decoration.

If you have more creativity you can add some interesting decorations such as glow in the dark paint, decorative lights, ribbons, and funny stickers.

If you have a used bottle or jar at home, do not throw it away immediately. You can make a unique and creative pigura from the items you no longer use. Here's how to create one.

Prepare the necessary ingredients first.

Required Items:

  • Cleaned used jars
  • Photo
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Pencil

  1. Measure the height of the jar.
  2. Insert the photo you have prepared, according to the size of the jar.
  3. Turn the jar over.
  4. Your photos will look more unique and interesting inside these used jars or bottles.

Good luck!

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