Making Crafts Easy Cactus Plants From Cardboard

How to Make Handicrafts - Crafts Easy: Making Crafts Easy Cactus Plants From Cardboard: Instead of confused what to do with your little one, you can teach him to make something interesting but still simple and one of them is this cactus craft, hmmm seen up close as it looks real with unique spines that come from toothpicks make this cactus creation more unique. Handicrafts from cardboard is suitable for those of you who have small children or can also be taught in school so that students are more creative and can imagine. Cardboard cactus image.

Making Crafts Easy Cactus Plants From Cardboard

How to make cactus crafts from cardboard:

To make this craft you do not need materials and equipment that is too difficult, including a piece of cardboard paper, toothpicks, scissors, paper color paint, pencils, brushes, long wood for cactus bones can be replaced with a broomstick.

First sketch the shape of each part of the cactus by drawing it as shown in the picture below, scissors according to the shape drawn, after that part of the leg you can make into a circle bytaples it then scissors on the right and left ends a little for the top cactus stand.

Start installing each part of the cactus using a toothpick so that it does not come off easily, but on the larger part of the cactus you cut down a little as a place to unite the smaller part of the cactus.

Then after the cactus part is installed well you can immediately give color by painting it, and after kecing you can add a toothpick to decorate the spines.

Hmmmmm... What do you think craft above is funny, unique, cool, interesting again to be made hehehe, wait for a tutorial how to make other simple handicrafts only on this blog easy craft. Thank you for visiting.

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