Making Chandelier Hood For Living Room Decoration From Yarn

How to Make Handicrafts - Chandeliers: Making Chandelier Hoods For Living Room Decoration Of Yarn - For you lovers of handicrafts, or just a hobby of making them, or even among you all who are running a business making and selling handicrafts, handicrafts this one you can take into account, in addition to being a lampshade, the value of this craft is very high so it is suitable for decorating your living room.

This handicraft idea I got from the previous handcrafted article (read: Lantern: How to Make Handcrafted Bed Lamps From Yarns and Balloons) and just change the shape, in addition you can also make various shapes of lampshades from yarn with various shapes such as round, square box, paraimide triangle, and many others.

Actually I would love to make a type of craft from secondhand goods such as leftover newspapers, or plastic bottles of mineral water but I think in this blog zhahab already many articles that discuss such crafts then as a result I found a more palatable idea to make. For those of you who are interested in making it can see the final image view of the chandelier hood that we will create below.


Making Chandelier Hood For Living Room Decoration From Yarn

Materials and equipment required:

  1. Cotton yarn the largest size white color
  2. White glue, or can use white wood glue
  3. Balloon 3 pieces
  4. Ember
  5. Tire lacquer
  6. Plastic Film
  7. Rubber gloves
  8. Hot Melt Glue Gun or can use a wooden stick
  9. Lights, cables and equipment
  10. Varnish spray

If the equipment and materials used are complete, the first step you have to do is to combine 3 balloons into one, to do so you can use a wooden stick to insert the second and third balloons on the first balloon.

Here is a picture of 3 balloons that have been combined.

Making Chandelier Hood For Living Room Decoration From Yarn

Then fill the balloon with water using tap water of the appropriate size you want.

Remove the balloons that have been filled with water, then put a wooden stick into the balloon, then the balloon is added with water to the desired size. The wooden stick here is used to set the length of the lampshade that will be made, in addition the wooden stick serves as a printer for the hole where the power cord is entered.

Once the balloon is fully loaded then you can tie it to the end, after which you can tie the balloon and hang it to make it easier to make the lampshade.

If the balloon is already hanging, then coat the entire surface of the balloon with plastic film.

Mix cotton yarn with long as you need and want with white glue.

Stir in the glue and cotton thread until blended and smooth, use rubber gloves to do so so that your hands are not exposed to glue.

Start to glue the thread to the balloon starting from the top, at the bottom of the balloon does not need to be threaded.

For the thickness of the yarn coils adjust to your liking.

Once done, dry the balloon until the thread and glue are completely dry and harden and mop. after it is completely dry then you can remove the balloon that is in it by stabbing it.

Use spray varnish until smooth, the function of varnish is to make the result of the lampshade become more durable, smoother and shiny.

Then you can release the wooden tongat used for the power cord hole.

light equipment, and cables. and you can install it right away.

And tara, it's done hand-crafted this time, how good isn't it. This decorative lampshade you can display in the living room or bedroom, in addition you can use paint to make a lampshade with a variety of colors that you may prefer.

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