Learn to write good and correct, so that writing masters!

I will share my experience so far for "Learn to Write Well and Correctly", actually there is no standard reference for what it means to be written properly and correctly.

What I mean here is, writing that is interesting, easy to read, flows. Good and correct writing can also be written to the point ... full of commands, and hypnotic.

Well at the beginning, try to start writing properly and correctly, just as writing that is interesting and fun to read, keeps the reader entertained, with pleasant information. If it's an article, then it may contain 1 thing that the reader can take advantage of.

Learn to write good and correct, so that writing masters!

This is what I've been doing so far:

1. You have to practice.

Heheh… really stale? No, in order to box properly and correctly, you have to practice, why is writing so different? It's the same, right?

Practice your writing skills, and I'll tell you, if you want to write good, you have to want to write badly first.

In case you feel talented, then you should write more than you feel talented.

What does talent mean? does talent really exist? the answer is there. A talented person, who will do something where he is talented, gets better quickly with just a little practice.

So because of his talent, he becomes very good fast. Meanwhile, if you don't have talent, it will be better for a little longer, but that doesn't mean you can't.

Especially if you really don't like "writing" or feel completely unkind and don't want to take the time to write, then there is a solution.

2. Leave it to the experts.

Hire people to write for you.

One important thing I learned on the Internet is, if you can't do it, then leave it to someone who can easily do it. The term is outsourcing. If you have the time and you like it, you can do it yourself.

If you don't like it or don't have the time but do like it, then have time, or similarly, use your money to get other people to do it for you.

If so, didn't you learn the name? Well keep learning. But learn to find people who can write well for you.

3. Let your subconscious write.

At the time of writing, there are two thoughts that will work in our heads, one conscious brain, the critic, which means well, to correct what you write.

But at the beginning of writing, you don't need to listen to too many conscious minds that like to criticize or edit this. Conversely… use your subconscious, your less analytic right brain to help write. If you haven't edited before, then you won't be able to write freely.

Try to target to produce a lot of writing first. Don't bother with the quality just yet. Because quality will follow quantity.

But that doesn't mean you don't learn how to write well. Not. You still need to have a "Good Writing Guide" that is sold in bookstores.

However, once you've read the guide, and know the guideline, then focus on writing. You will not be able to write properly and correctly just by reading the theory.

You have to practice. Read the knowledge, then put it into practice.

The practice must be more than reading the knowledge. Make sense right?

So how do you practice your writing habits?

4. Keep a journal or provide a place to write down your ideas.

This is the most important advice that is often delivered by successful teachers, keep a journal. All successful people have a journal.

I have two journals, one that I don't show anyone, which is a book or a collection of blank papers that I clip and put together.

Then I wrote an online journal, which other people could see and observe. This is a blog, like this blog.

5. Keep writing and keep learning.

Rest assured that you will also be able to write properly and correctly if you keep practicing and keep learning.

Read the best writings in your field, then model them. How? by having it in writing in front of you, and rewrite it. You will get the soul of the writing, finally you can write well.

Look, writing well is only a matter, willing to practice and work hard in the beginning, until you become good.

A good proverb says: Talent is only 1%, 99% is hard work.

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