How to Make Your Own dust cleaning cloth From Used Fabric "Flannel"

How to Make Handicrafts: How to Make Your Own Chemoceng or dust cleaning cloth From Used Fabric "Flannel", surely you know the usefulness of this one object, serves to clean dirty home furnishings from dust attached. generally chemoceng made of rope rafia, yarn, and fabric (patchwork and flannel) but in this tutorial I will give a tutorial for you namely making handicrafts chemoceng from flannel fabric, not necessarily flannel, you can also make it from other types of fabrics especially from used clothing fabrics that have not been used or leftover fabric from industrial waste.

This kemoceng handicraft reminded me when I was a child but at that time the teacher told me and my friends to make chemoceng from rafia rope.

Chemoceng of this fabric requires some easy and simple equipment such as scissors, used fabrics, threads and needles, as well as a handle for the chemoceng itself (you can use the grip of chemoceng from other objects such as bamboo and wooden twigs).

Kemoceng handicraft drawings The size and number of fabrics used are 4 pieces of fabric with a size of 4 X 7 inches, and 4 pieces of fabric with a size of 7 X 7 inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm).

Arrange fabrics as below, 2 large size fabrics under 2 small size fabrics.

sewing right in the center of the fabric.

after you arrange the fabric as shown in the image, then adjust the position of the chemo grip which you will later sew right in the middle position of the fabric. pay close attention

Place half of the kemoceng handle on a small cloth that has been bent and the other half on a large cloth.

line the fabric to mark the border of the chemo handle that you will later sew.

also on the left side.

later the line result will look like the following.

then you can sew according to the line you have made.

you need to remember that the middle part of the fabric is large and small, as well as the part of the line you have created.

insert the grip of the chemo

cloth scissors of your desired size.

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