How to Make Quilt Crafts "Basic Sewing Techniques"


Simple easy handicrafts - How to Make Quilt Crafts (Basic Sewing Techniques) - One of the handicrafts that promise to be made into bisanis and effort is quilt crafts. Quilt craft itself is a sheet of fabric consisting of 3 layers, namely the top, middle, and bottom layers. The top and bottom two layers are patchwork fabrics (flannel, cotton, and patchwork), while for the middle layer is a layer of foam commonly referred to as batting. Batting Itself consists of various types and qualities depending on the constituent materials (cotton, polyester, and wool).

To make quilt some of the equipment that you must have include patchwork fabrics with a variety of motifs, patchwork rulers, sewing machines, scissors, needle bouncers, foam, pencils.

Stages of how to make quilt: Patchwork fabric scissors with various motifs, the more motifs the better. Create a square piece of fabric, for size it's up to you.

Insert foam of the same size as the fabric in the middle position (layer 1 fabric - layer 2 foam - layer 3 fabric), try to motif fabric layers 1 and 3 differently.

if it has formed 3 layers, then the quilt sewing is crossed right in the middle.

If you have finished cross stitching on the quilt, then the next step is to combine each square of quilt fabric that has been made.

Stack 2 square quilts then sew on the edges, sewing with a distance of >4 cm from the edges of the fabric. 

here's an example of 3 square quilts that have been put in one.

you can arrange the placement of each color section according to your taste.

to combine a long quilt consisting of 4 squares you simply sew it just like in the first way of sewing.

Stack 2 quilt rectangles consisting of 4 quilts and then sew.

how it turns out easy is not how to make quilt crafts. You can make quilts for various purposes such as bed linen, children's play rugs, home wall hangings, and pillowcases, blankets, and doormats.

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