How To Make Cute Candy Places From Buttons

Handicrafts - Simple Creations: How to Make a Cute Candy Place From Buttons - Actually this week I was confused once want to make handicrafts what, the idea in the head was up because, but some time ago I found a tutorial how to make a container where cute candy on the internet hmmm may I imitate hehehe than no prank work for not papa, but before I also posted an article how to make a candy place made from used plastic bottles : Simple - Making Handicrafts Candy Place From Used Plastic Bottles.

Actually here does not have to be made of buttons, you can use other materials such as bottle caps, rolled newspapers, beads, natural stones and many deh. and more importantly the function of this craft is not only to put candy, you can use it as a candle holder, fruit place etc. for those of you who want to make it following a simple tutorial:

Pictures of craft candy places

How To Make Cute Candy Places From Buttons

Materials and tools used:

  1. Studs of various colors
  2. Heart-shaped beads
  3. School transparent glue
  4. Bowl
  5. Aluminum foil 

How to make:

  1. Put aluminum foil in a bowl, aluminum foil serves as a base while the bowl is used as a mold.
  2. Glue the bottom of the bowl that has been coated with aluminum foil evenly, then button one by one and connect each other with the buttons.
  3. Once the base is done, then continue on the top until the buttons and beads are shaped according to the bowl mold.
  4. Once done do not forget to place the heart-shaped beads on the top with the upside down position facing out, then at the top of the buttons and beads that have been attached are also given transparent glue so that the finished candy place is not easily damaged.
  5. Let the glue dry for 24 hours or dry it in the sun, then you can remove the bowl and aluminum foil attached one by one.
  6. Be careful to do so that the sticky buttons are not damaged.

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