How To Make Craft Necklace Accessories From Simple Goods

How to Make Handicrafts - Increase Creativity: How to Make Craft Necklace Accessories From Simple Goods - In this article we will discuss about the tutorial on making simple accessories, goods or materials used to make these accessories are very easy to get such as threads with colors up to you and ball beads that can be made of stone or imitation plastic, this item can be obtained in sewing supplies stores or women's accessories stores. This tutorial I reserved for my friend who yesterday wanted to make a beautiful necklace but there is no suitable article on the internet.

If you will soon attend a special event, do not forget the accessories. For example necklaces to add gracefully to your dress or dress. No need to buy lho Ladies, after all if you buy not necessarily also match the color of your dress. So it's a good idea to make your own and adjust the material to the color or pattern that is in your dress. Color combinations can be customized to your taste. Here's a tutorial to make a necklace that kece abis, reported from Prepare threads, necklaces with rather large chains, and balls as in the example or maybe you prepare other accessories.

Pictures of handcrafted necklaces

  • Arrange your threads like this for easy workmanship
  • Braids then tie neatly and cut at the ends
  • Sew a necklace with one of the threads you've braided
  • Then sew with one side of the other with the ball-shape accessories
  • Well, this is the result of accessories made by you

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