How To Make Cheap Flower Vase From Used Newspaper

How To Make Cheap Flower Vase From Used Newspaper

Handicrafts - How to Make Cheap Flower Vases From Used Newspapers - Morning all friends fans of craft blog Sala, in this morning I will share a cooking tutorial, eh.... Hehehe! tutorial craft kok. Craft goods that we will make in the form of a beautiful flower vase as a place to place flowers and the main thing is as a recycled item of used goods, this craft is very suitable for students who have artwork assignments from the school will definitely later get a score of 100 hahaha..

Craft from a used newspaper is inspired by the craft that I have previously posted the article: Example How to Make a Unique Bed Lamp From Used Newspapers, there is a balloon size is relatively large although it is actually also very suitable for vases hehehe flowers.

Making this flower vase has several basic stages of making, namely making the basic shape of the vase, adding motifs and decorating it, ok just for those of you who are impatient and want to make it here is a complete tutorial that I have included with the picture so that you can understand step by step the making.

Materials and equipment required:

  1. White paper glue/glucol
  2. white wall paint
  3. newspaper
  4. Anchor
  5. Brush
  6. Scissors
  7. paperboard
  8. balloons choose the size to your liking.

If all the materials and equipment used are complete, then you just make it.

Blow the balloon and tie it to the mouth and place it on the glass to make it easier for you to stick the newspaper.

glue the balloons and start sticking one by one the newspapers that have previously been cut into pieces with an elongated shape.

Swallow the newspaper covering all the surface of the balloon except the mouth of the balloon, adjust the thickness of the newspaper you attach, the thicker the newspaper the stronger the vase you make, after all the surface of the balloon is covered then review all the surfaces of the newspaper with paper glue then you can dry it in the sun.

Once it's completely dry, you can remove the balloon inside by first stabbing it so that the air is released.

Create a flower vase leg with a circle shape made of cardboard paper, use several layers of cardboard paper and unite them to make the vase legs thicker.

then attach it to the bottom of the flower vase.

Make the mouth part of the flower vase funnel-shaped from cardboard paper. use anchors to create them.

Then scissors and shape in a circular manner. so as not to come off you can add glue and paper tape to lock the shape of the vase's mouth circle.

And attach the vase's mouth to the previously finished vase.

vase mouth is also given newspaper to have the same color and pattern as the body of the flower vase.

if the vase mouth is all covered with newspaper, you can dry it immediately.

after dry paint vase flowers with white paint color.

Dry dry

Once dry, to make a motif use color paper affixed with glue so that the vase can look like the picture below, to get a shiny effect review all surfaces of the vase with glue. Or if you want to make a floral motif can see the following tutorial: Easy Handicrafts - How to Decorate Flower Pots To Look Beautiful.

And your flower vase is ready to use.

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