Home Handicrafts From Plastic Bottles of Mineral Water

Handicrafts - Used Bottles: Home Handicrafts From Plastic Bottles of Mineral Water For Kindergarten and Elementary School Children - Handicrafts should be taught to school children ranging from paud, kindergarten, and elementary school, but not close the possibility if at the school level on it handicrafts or artworks are also taught. In addition to dpaat add creativity for the child, it turns out that making handicrafts can also increase the imagination and ability to concentrate a person.

There are many examples of handicrafts that can be tried to be taught to school children, especially recycling used goods such as plastic bottles of drinking water, used cardboard, waste paper, wood or twigs, and many more used materials that can be made into unique creations.

On this occasion we blog zhahab (handicraft blog) will help you a little and give examples of handicrafts that can be made from used mineral water specifically for kindergarten and elementary school children, but for all of you who want to make it for decoration of this easy craft room you can try. If you use this handicraft for room decoration or wall decoration you can add decorative lights or LED lights inside to make it look more attractive. Ok here's how to make craft house from used plastic bottles.

Materials and equipment used.

  1. 1 large size plastic bottle for house building
  2. 3 medium size plastic bottles for roofing
  3. Paint plastic with 2 color options
  4. Thick cardboard paper or from sponge material for doors and cendela
  5. Scissors
  6. Small brush

How to work

  • Home craft drawings from plastic bottles The first step is to paint a large plastic bottle for a house building with white paint, but you can use color paint as you like.
  • Make a dot mark rotating the bottle to make it easier for you to cut the bottle pastik, later used is the bottom of the bottle.
  • plastic bottle scissors rotate the bottle try to cut well and straight.
  • and here's the finished piece.
  • then prepare a medium-sized plastic bottle, clean and paint the top, try to choose a plastic bottle that is thin and not rigid.
  • here's the finished result of a medium size plastic bottle after you paint.
  • make doors and windows out of cardboard paper, if the cardboard paper is less thick you can add an additional layer of cardboard to look thicker, then paste it on a large incense plastic bottle.
  • Cut a small plastic bottle that will later be made into a thatched roof, cut on the part that is not painted.
  • Scissors with a small size upright down and up.
  • For other plastic bottles for the roof on the mouth of the bottle you cut so that later can be put together into a plastic bottle for the roof that was first made above.
  • Place 2 roofless plastic bottles on top of the plastic bottles with uncut mouths. and the roof can be put together in the building of the house.
  • to cover the mouth circle of the upper bottle you can give him pieces of straw made of plastic bottles.

if you want a house building and the roof is not easy to escape you can give plastic glue or the like, and tara.... Here's the result. Good is not the result of handicrafts from used bottles.

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