Examples of Wooden Handicraft Ideas

How to Make Handicrafts - Kinds of Handicrafts: 11 Examples of Handicraft Ideas From Wood - Since long ago wood has been widely used as one of the main materials of handicrafts, because wood is an easy material to get and how to form it is easy and more durable. In general, the wood used is such as teak wood, sengon wood, pine wood, and a lot, but there are also some craftsmen make use of unused used wood or slightly damaged shape, for example if there are unused boards then the board can be turned into a unique photo pigura.

In making wooden handicrafts it takes skill and ability in processing wood, especially related to saw and carving equipment, so that the craft goods produced will look perfect. You can make various kinds of wood handicrafts such as wall decorations, paintings, sculptures, toys, miniatures, tissue holders, pencil cases, lanterns, music boxes, boats, jewelry boxes, wooden clocks, wooden spedah, and many others.

At the moment wooden handicrafts from Indonesia are the best selling in foreign markets such as ornaments (sculptures), webbing and wooden baskets, as well as household appliances.

Wooden handicraft drawings

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