Being RICH or being Poor is easy

Being RICH or being Poor is easy

With economic conditions such as, a lot of people or most people who are increasingly in the face of life, removed from work, or companies that have gone bankrupt because of the global crisis, there are also people who deliberately or consciously once the person quit his job just because he felt uncomfortable to work too long at his company.

So with such circumstances there are origins to earn income or in other words want to get rich quickly, by manipulating or more clearly deceiving with misleading sentences or writings, such as the easy way money flows into your account, or promising income 9 million / month even promising income hundreds of millions in 100 days,.. blah, blah blah

But all of that is the reality that exists in our society, they are among those who are in a state of confusion, but a very urgent need to be fulfilled or they are also victims of the promises of seductive writing so that they are stuck to inevitably imitate their ways and efforts.

Just by spending 100 or 200 thousand, your account will be continuously aliri money in a day 1 million ...??? I've seen a lot on the site that there are probably thousands of numbers that are basically the same buy, pay and sell goods / cd / ebook that they have, clearly as a re seller, actually not wrong if from the beginning they frankly what they do is sell cd / e book / information and if anyone interested should be explained not in the lure with wealth, ease, success.

In this case the victims are people who they are serious and desperately need a job, perhaps for their money pas-pasan, but they are drugged by the lure of getting a job online or not online that has been offered that the ends they are forced to unconsciously spend some money, and they are only told to resell the product, so the point is there is no online or not online work that clearly they are told to resell the product, what an act that I think is very sad.

I think it all exists and has become our daily mindset so that we can be attracted or trapped by the writings or promises of the money-earners, which in essence is that we should be wise in living our current state or rather keep trying to calm down even though our condition is already at the tip of the horn, it is actually just our feelings and thoughts that say so really not at all.

I take the example of a person who is mentally disturbed (crazy) sorry not I mean we have to be crazy people, even though they kumel, skinny, unkempt, do not know the family living on the side of the road, eat rough, but they still smile even a very sincere smile, happy, his face laughs emitting a beam of light that they do not have problems, but for those of us who are sane we see the condition is very concerning.

It is all only in our brain / mindset, which is how we who are sane think and respond to the same situation with the crazy person how also he responds to his life in a point of view (mindset).

In this sense we who are sane should be better at dealing with circumstances, conditions, even though our condition is not what we expect and want we should be able to keep thinking positively and feel happy, but that does not mean we should imitate like crazy not at all.

Actually everything we experience is the result of our thoughts and feelings that we have made, and it may also be the fruit of our minds decades ago but only now we accept experiencing it, believing or not believing but that is the reality

I take the example of some events and the results of a live interview, actually the incident that I accidentally engaged in a conversation with a well if it is said that the rough work (sorry there is no intention of offending the profession) the result of my talk is that the person has a principle of life , views, insights yes is in accordance with what he gets now.

It is clear that the person has a mindset that he just wants to live a simple, calm, income yes just does not matter that he lives feeling calm, but what he gets is exactly that way, with a salary that (sorry) is not much when compared to successful people.

And there is another piece of reality that happened to my own friend, I've been friends for quite a long time from junior high school, high school, college even until now, at that time I was still in high school, well my friend that one he had the mind (mindset) want to be a rich man, actually his family condition at that time well fairly simple family just like me, after entering college I've worked in a large national bank , and my friend hasn't got a job.

So automatically I work while studying, well my friend that one remains with his dream to be a rich man, he once told the success of his neighbors by working abroad and coming home with a lot of money, and it is always talked to me repeatedly that he wants to work abroad and go home with a lot of money.

From year to year after graduation he has not got a job for 2 years, more clearly unemployed for 2 years, whereas I was already holding money, and has a vehicle and is still single, but he remains with his dreams and ideals in the sense that his mindset will work abroad and bring home a lot of money remains not receding.

My friend who has a mindset and style like a successful person, he wants to have a car, a house and a job abroad, and become a rich man, when he tells me that thing again in my heart said how possible, how could he work abroad, work as an employee not yet, which is essentially how he can realize all his dreams and ideals....??? Even he doesn't know how.

Wait a minute! be careful with your mind (maindset) your mind that makes you what you are today and that's true one hundred percent,... you are the result of your own thoughts... So don't blame anyone or anything,..

What happened to my friend...? unexpectedly he was accepted also at one of the national banks, one year he worked and became a permanent employee

, suddenly there was an opportunity he got an offer to work in one of the branches abroad ...? he graduated very easily, when I knew exactly his English... pretty ugly bgt,.. well just like me.

Now that he got what he wanted according to his mindset from the beginning, as well as me, I did not understand at first, I found or understood this from my search for life from a long time ago, already some teachers, seminars, , ESQ,  from many experts,... which in the end I have my own conclusions and techniques to be able to process my mindset, so that I also manage my life according to what I want.

Since knowing and having this technology I quit my job very comfortable at one of the Largest National Banks, even when I got promoted to become one of the managers and consciously and as I wished, I lived a peaceful life comfortable, happy, and grateful.

Every day I am always with my children, my wife and I are so happy, I thank god almighty, I live life the way I want, and this is all I want.

What about my income to be able to support me and my family? Alhamdulillah with the teknink that I wear today, and I also strongly believe this does apply to me, you even this universe,...

actually I want to write down how techniques and tricks to be able to always set our mindset in order to always achieve success and desire, happiness, always in a conscious state and in harmony with the will of nature towards ourselves and our lives.

I deliberately did not write down how much I produced so as not to be a goal for those who read, but the point is that we must always be happy, grateful and we must know what God wants for us so that we can achieve a happy life.

So my message BE CAREFUL of your mind know what you really want and thoughts, desires and thoughts must be aligned, then we will be in harmony with nature and we can know what God wants for us in the discourse of achieving the happiness we want.

Happy, grateful and always thinking positively, success is always for all of you

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