3 Ways To Be More Focused in Online Business!

Ways To Be More Focused in Online Business!

Here's how to be more focused on Online Business based on my and my teachers' experience:

1. Have clear Targets and Dreams.

What do you want from an online business, why do we run an online business? So on the one hand we want something or a change in our lives to be much better.

Well if the dream is clear, and big, then we will be more focused, not easy to stop running BO.

Then dreams alone are not enough, need targets, when medium and long short goals must be achieved. People who have a target will be more focused, than just while working on it.

2. Eliminate focus disruptors.

As far as I know, the Teachers on the Internet, everything is the same, they rarely chat. I was a chat enthusiast first, early on I got to know the internet. However, after I run BO, slowly but surely I reduce the chat. Occasionally, if it is needed and someone wants a consultation, or if I have a project that I can only explain via chat well I do.

Email is also a focus bully, so get used to just occasionally checking your email. In the past, I opened an email, every few minutes, even my work on the internet just waited and answered the incoming email, bad right? not anymore. I even have someone who helps answer and clean up my emails.

3. Have a Plan Every Day.

Well, a life without a plan, must be a life that's not FOCUSED. Likewise, running an online business, without a daily plan, you will spend time browsing here and there, playing games, nontoh youtube 12 times, chatting for hours, checking emails every hour, and your time runs out, as if working hard, when not where.

Get used to sitting 15 minutes to 30 minutes before starting your online business activity, don't start before you know what you're going to do that day. Get used to writing, have a journal, it will help you focus. If you are confused what to do, then stop, do not go online continue. Sit down and write, especially when it's important to work on.

If you do all three of the above, I guarantee you will achieve more. I was once out of focus, but now I'm getting more and more focused, with the 3 simple steps above.

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