11 Techniques Increase visits to your blog!

Techniques Increase visits to your blog!

Here are some techniques that can increase visits to your blog.

1. Make sure the content of the blog is quality.

This is the most important law and first in my opinion, because if your blog or website content is not quality, then even though the blog visitors are many, they will not come back again.

2. Make sure a lot of useful things can be found on your blog.

You can fill in the shoutbox, where they can ask or say something. Use plugins that allow visitors to find the last comment, last post, post with the most comments, and so on.

3. Provide a Subscription Form Via Email, so they can stay up to date with the latest posts.

4. When you fill the banner make sure it is just enough, and place it in a non-conspicuous position.

5. Build your Newsletter!

Through your newsletter, you will get repeated visits because at the signature or the bottom of the email you send, you can always add your blog address.

6. Provide question and answer facilities.

7. Print on your business card.

8. Make sure it appears in many keyword search engine search results.

Slowly as you continue blogging, you can learn how to appear in more search engine results. The term: It's Not Rocket Science. Not the science of making rockets, anyone who wants to be able to appear in the first order of certain keywords, as long as they want to learn.

9. Link with all your other web so as to give you a lot of doors to your blog.

10. Register and install Mybloglog.

I very often get visits to my blog, which comes from mybloglog. Even from other countries.

When I install mybloglog then every time I visit another blog that is also part of the mybloglog community then the photos / images that I use will be recorded on mybloglog, so that others who visit then still see my pictures / photos and can click and visit them.

11. Many comments on other people's blogs.

Providing quality comments is one of the best ways to bring in multiple visits while building backlinks. Every time you leave a comment and fill in your blog address on your comment, it will be a backlink for your blog.

If you have a lot of backlinks from a quality blog, then your page rank can go up. And your ranking in search engines also usually goes up.


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