Why is Daily Exercise Important? Even For Online Businessmen!

Why is Daily Exercise Important? Even For Online Businessmen!

Well, even if you like doing business online ... running an online business at home, exercise is still very important.

Especially since the profession you choose is internet-related, sport is becoming increasingly important.

I personally feel very reassured through a book I bought at Toga Mas, entitled: Younger Next Year. There it was explained that exercising only 3 times a week @ 30 minutes now is not enough if you really want to be younger next year.

Since then I have been able to exercise almost every day. Even up to 7 times a week. In the book, it is recommended to exercise as much as possible 6 times a week.

The short explanation why you need to exercise 6 times a week is because the human body was actually created to keep moving. Move a lot, because humans used to have to hunt to find food. Nowadays, humans don't have to, because the food is ready to be made. It can even cook instant noodles if there is no food.

There are so many food stalls, supermarkets everywhere… well, our bodies are still the same… still our bodies are made to move a lot, hunt, walk a lot, etc. Because from the beginning it was designed like that.

one cause, of course, the food is not fresh, less healthy and of course the lack of humans to move.

On the tapes, Anthony Robbins, is also taught for every day, at least 30 minutes or even 1 hour, by doing what is called Hour Of Power. Which also consists of sports as well.

It's been about 4 years that I almost always exercise two days or even every day. And I like it. As an online businessman, of course, you have big dreams. Your will is great, you have a lot to do, right? well, imagine ... if your body does not want to support you? when you are in the spirit of building your business, your body feels weak, less enthusiastic, even if you are enthusiastic, your body is not like that ...

What happened then? of course, you then gave up some of your dreams right? that's why it's so important to keep exercising regularly. Just choose the type of sport you like. Walking is quite fun for me. Of course, I walked the treadmill listening to Anthony Robbins' audio, so the 50 minutes I spent were even more enjoyable.

And while exercising like that, I got a lot of ideas. That's great. Healthy and enthusiastic can, uh ideas can also. And again, if when we exercise every day, we automatically feel happy feelings, because endorphins are released when we exercise. Let's exercise.

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