We're going to be like the book we read and...

We're going to be like the book we read and...

The person we're hanging out with... Five years from now.

Ever heard of this? Yes, I also hear it a lot. Moreover, books are also often written ... That we, 5 years from now... will be like the person we hang out with, and the book we read.

Well take a good look:

You and I.... 5 years from now, it would be like:

  • The books we read.
  • The tapes we're listening to.
  • The movie you're watching.
  • The person you're hanging out with.

So, do we have control of what we're going to be five years from now? OF COURSE, we have complete control, because we can choose what book to like and read us every time. And whoever's with him we're friends and learning.

Therefore I deliberately bought books written by the 'best people in their field and have been very successful and rich... so that I also deafness mindset, attitude, and mindset.

Btw, mindset + mindset + and attitude are the same, isn't it?

And we can deliberately influence how we think. by intentionally putting positive brain inputs or food into our heads every day, even every second. that is...

by simply listening to tapes, books, videos that align with the person you dream of wanting to be.

If you want to be a successful online businessman, then be sure to buy books from highly successful online business people. If you want to be a very successful marketing expert.. then be sure to listen to the audio of a successful marketer... Etc.

So we can deliberately influence our fate, our future, our mindset, and then our success by deliberately controlling what we allow into our heads.

That is by deliberately choosing who we associate with, what books we read, and what audio we listen to.

Be sure to choose correctly, because the future of your life lies in your choice.

Learned something today? What do you think?


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