Making Tofu Dolls From Felt/Flannel Fabric

Making Tofu Dolls From Felt/Flannel Fabric

How to Make Handicrafts - Cute Doll Creations: Making Tofu Dolls From Felt Fabric / Flannel - Usually I always give tutorials on how to make crafts from used goods such as newspapers and plastic bottles, but this time to refresh the atmosphere of the blog hehe lebay ... so that the kinds of handicrafts here are more complete then I made a tutorial how to make dolls from felt fabric with the shape of tofu, but I have also made doll crafts before (Read: Crafts From Felt Fabric: Making Dolls Form Funny Coffee Cups).

Maybe some of you are wondering why the hell should use felt fabric, actually using flannel fabric can also but because felt fabric has a slightly harder texture and rigid make dolls that will later be made will have a better shape and not easily change shape.

Dolls with the shape of tofu or tofu can be made key chains, or if the size is large can be made dolls that sell or can also be used as pillows for yeman sleep, but my friends who make it also give it to their lover as a birthday gift. Here's a look at the doll's creations this time:

Pictures of cute tofu dolls Ok, for those of you who want to make it, prepare materials like the following:

  1. Plain book paper
  2. felt cloth or flannel
  3. dakron as stuffing
  4. Scissors
  5. Ruler
  6. Pencil
  7. needles and threads

Step 1

Create a paper with a square and rectangular shape, a square paper with a size of 7 x 7 cm, while for rectangular paper with a size of 7 x 5.5 cm. This paper was later used to create the template of the doll.

Step 2

Place the pre-made paper pattern on the felt fabric, make a rectangular cut of 4 pieces and a square piece of fabric as much as 2 pieces, the rectangular pieces will be used for the side of the doll, while square pieces of fabric are used for the top (head) and the bottom.

Step 3

  • Round eyes of black felt fabric and attach to 1 piece of rectangular felt fabric right in the middle.
  • sewing using threads of the same color as the color of the fabric used for the eyes.
  • the result of the doll's eyes that have been sewn.
  • Make a smiling mouth motif by sewing it.
  • Also create the hands and feet, then attach them by sewing them.
  • final result after hands and feet are sewn
  • for the head use a square shape felt fabric with different colors, make a motif like a fence by sewing it.
  • if you want to be prettier, add a floral motif.

Step 4

  • to unite the square fabric and the rectangular fabric, sew it like you are sewing a perforated shirt, for more details see the image below.
  • Sew gently and do it neatly so that the end result of the doll looks good.
  • Leave 1 hole to insert the dakron (stuffing), after the dakron is inserted then sew the part of the hole that was used to insert the dakron.

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