Making Roses From Unique Plastic Straws

Unique Handicrafts - Flower Crafts: Making Roses From Unique Plastic Straws, This Craft Tutorial will teach you how or how to make handicrafts from plastic straws, you can use used straws or preferably use new straws because they are new and bright in color, Use small plastic straws, do not use straws that are too thick or stiff.

To make this plastic flower craft initially I was a bit difficult, whether it was because I never made it or indeed needed the right techniques and guides, but after I tried several times finally can also and finished the following article, for you, especially the women who like flowers, learn this tutorial, because the results are very beautiful, can be sold, for special gifts , decorating the room or living room or just taking time for a hobby.

Making Roses From Unique Plastic Straws

For those who want to make it here are some simple materials and equipment that must be provided, owgh yes, this craft is suitable for elementary school children as a material for teaching hand skills, following list:

  1. Straws with various colors
  2. scissors
  3. Toothpick
  4. decorative plastic
  5. vase of flowers if any
  6. Tape

Well if you are curious, what the hell is the good craft of roses, here is the final result of the photo that has been arranged in a vase of flowers, beautiful is not it ...!!

Ok, let's just make it, prepare 3 pieces of plastic straws that have been connected, put it in the following position, the top left and the bottom one on the right.

fold on the bottom straw as shown below, followed by the second and third plastic.

Create a plastic fold five times

this is the most difficult stage for the inexperienced make it, bend the upper circle towards your body using the index finger of the left hand and the short plastic tip you rotate clockwise with the right hand so that the circle that you have bent will roll. Later the short plastic tip will be the stalk and the first circle created will form the petals of the middle part of the flower.

then it will be obtained as the following image, if the size of your petals is too wide you can rotate the stem of the flower and hold tightly the end of the long straw.

after a small flower is formed, then continue the folds on straws that are still long one by one.

if it is felt that the flowers formed are still small, you can add more straws by connecting them.

and when it is felt that the flower is large enough to lock it use 1 straw on the stalk by hooking on a long straw, for more details see the following image.

Making Roses From Unique Plastic Straws

then the remaining long straws are cut with scissors.

to make the stalk, unite 2 short straws by inserting them in the rest of the long straw pieces that have been cut earlier.

add a toothpick to make it look longer.

To beautify it wrap with decorative plastic and glue with tape on the bottom bagain.

And so the roses from the straws are beautiful this time.

Making Roses From Unique Plastic Straws

For those who are still confused, you can try it repeatedly so that it can really work, some of my friends propose to make this rose from a roll of paper, but I have not tried it, see also the previous article which is also no less interesting

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