Making Miniature Craft Table Lamps From Used Yogurt Bottles

How to make handicrafts - Very Simple Idea: Making Miniature Craft Table Lamps From Used Yogurt Bottles: hehehe good morning by noon comrades all, finally this blog updates also craft articles in this week, hmmmm looking for ideas of handicrafts it is very difficult let alone a new idea and really fresh. This time I will invite all of you to make one of the handicrafts made from used goods / used materials are very easy to find in the form of miniature table lamps, miniatures are made of used sardine cans, palstic bottles of yogurt small size, and glasses of instant noodles whose materials such as styrofoam.

Making Miniature Craft Table Lamps From Used Yogurt Bottles

This craft was inspired when I often eat instant glass noodles and yogurt and containers I just throw away, hmmmm actually eman hell, so with a little imagination inspired miniature table lamps, for those of you who may never make this craft and only see the materials and the final results of the craft will surely know the processes to be done, so I only include images of the final results of handicrafts and some photos of materials and equipment.

Materials and equipment:

  1. 1 glass of used instant noodles
  2. 3 small used yogurt plastic bottles
  3. Duct tape natural motifs
  4. Cans of used sardines / if there is no you can use other objects as lamp legs
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue shoot
  7. lamps and equipment, if you want to add lights
  8. Black paint for plastic materials and brushes

How it is made:

  • Collect all materials and equipment used
  • First connect the 3 bottles of yogurt by stacking it and glue it with glue shoot.
  • After the 3rd bottle of yogurt really stick together with a can of sardines with glue shoot as well.
  • After the glue is dry, you can give a thorough black paint on both sardine cans and yogurt bottles, then dry and dry.
  • For instant noodle glasses you can directly paste duct tape motifs that have been prepared before.
  • After the lamp foot is dry then you can directly unite it with the lamp head using a firing glue.
  • If you want a better and shiny lamp finish you can add varnish, either spray varnish or wipe varnish.
  • Install lamp equipment, cables etc.
  • and the simple miniature light craft that is easy to make has been completed.

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