Living a Reality That Doesn't Live Up to Expectations

Living a Reality That Doesn't Live Up to Expectations

Ideals are the expectations of everyone who is often buzzed since the child began to be able to talk is often asked by his parents, "later if big so what?" various answers appear. Starting from doctors, police, presidents, pilots etc. It is very human to be asked the ideals of small children always call the beautiful. It's not because the kid wants to be a doctor, a cop, a pilot or anything. This fact is the hope of his parents for his beloved child. Thus it is clear that the child has been influenced by his parents to become a doctor. Because his parents always call the doctors and doctors always. This is a doctrinalization of hope.

Time goes on, life keeps spinning, events and realities of life go on and on. The expectations of being a doctor often change according to the rolling time and reality of life. The doctrine of a hope of becoming a doctor can change, it turns out that the child wants to aspire to be a politician. Until studying social and political majors as well as being an activist civitas akademika in the world of politics. Graduation passed, suddenly his beloved father died of cancer at the age of 47 years. The reality of life changes, the child must help the family economy that starts fiber. A sense of responsibility and devotion to parents is everything. Then the child in his mind is looking for work and find work continues. Until finally get a job to be a salesman of snack products.

The world of marketting and sales over time has been ingrained danging to become a habit in him. At the height of his career he was at a young age having been a senior manager. It's called a hope not always the same as reality and reality is not always in line with expectations. So the most important thing is how to live in a reality that is not in accordance with expectations until finally we can live it with a sense without a speck of forced or forced and even we can animate very very remarkable from the way we interpret facts, reality becomes the same as ideals. Then the time of hope is always the same as reality.

It often happens in every individual journey that hope is not always the same as reality. The reality that has happened, good bad, hard to be happy, poor rich is an expression of our behavior. A sense of sadness, regret will be implied in the soul while failure will continue to plague. Doing something we don't want is hell for every individual, so there's turmoil, protests, strikes, comments and other actions.

This behavior will actually harm us as failed individuals, weak individuals are powerless. By running, implementing, finding solutions, improving innovation, creativity in conditions that do not meet expectations are the forms and characteristics of extraordinary individuals in thinking and acting. This is what is called a great human being, a man of extraordinary success. Only the souls of individuals who are sincere, grateful in all things can do the right thing in unexpected situations.

Reality that is not the same as the hope created because the first second of our minds think often is not the same as the second day, the second month even the second year until finally there is an unequal result. Consistent for consistency in thinking about expectations should be equated with current actions until the future. The power of the mind, the innovation of the mind and the creation of the mind must be equalized and improved until we can think the same with hope.

Consistency of mind in thinking will hinder all obstacles, obstacles and things that can cause failure. Obstacles can lead to failure due to a loss of consistency in innovation and creation of the mind. This is when hope happens not in accordance with reality. Actually we become very stupid as human beings if hope is not the same as reality happens because of divine destiny. Then Divine destiny occurs because our minds have killed or revived it from something referred to as destiny.

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