How to Write 5 Articles For Blog Every Day!

How to Write 5 Articles For Blog Every Day!

A friend asked me how to write 5 articles for my blog every day?

I didn't have a target of 5 per day. However after I was able to write up to 8 articles in a day, then I became aware and believed in my ability, that writing 8 articles in a day was possible for me.

Then, I gradually continued to write, sometimes 6 a day, sometimes 5. Well from there I take the average that I am comfortable writing how many articles a day? turns 5.

Since I want my blog to get 1000 visits per day, then I need to know how much per day I need to write for the next 3 months? Because the target of 1000 visits is 3 months ahead.

I also need to know where I am now with my blog. This blog per day is currently visited between 300 to 380 people. You can see it in extreme tracking on the bottom left.

Well if I want to reach 1000 visits, then I need 5 articles per day consistently. Because 5 X 30 = 150, 150 X 3 = 450.

So in 3 months, with 5 writing per day, I will write 450 articles.

Well, assuming I am with an additional 450 articles I am very sure this blog visitor will be 1000 people per day. Of course, I have to apply a little SEO technique on the title/tag and content part of my article so that 1000 visits per day is more definitely achieved.

But 5 articles/day becomes a must that I have to do, like it or not.

Well, how? I split the day in half. In the morning I will write 2 articles. Night 3 Articles.

After waking up, washing my face, and drinking something (milk coffee) then I was ready with the computer and quickly wrote 2 articles. No more than 1 hour only.

After that I worked on many other things until the afternoon, rest, then the night before bed, again I wrote another 3 articles. It usually takes an hour. finish. Daily target reached.

I could sleep happily later because I had kept my promise to myself. And in the end, 1000 visits will be achieved, as long as I am disciplined not to miss 1 day without 5 posts.

Simple, right?

So it really doesn't matter what your daily target is. Therefore you can adjust to your ability and sense of comfort a day post how much? if comfortable and able 3 well it's okay. but.. important are:


Then what do I write?

Almost every night, after writing 5, I usually get addicted to writing again, because after we force to take one action, our brains are usually even encouraged and put out more post ideas.

Well because my target is only 5, then I do not continue, however, I usually write the titles of the articles that are on my mind, so as not to disappear.

So it's kind of brainstorming, ideas pouring out, rather than missing out, I write the titles for the next post. I can get quite a lot, can be up to 10 titles. Then I save to the draft.

And then I close the computer and sleep.

The next morning, I started with 2 articles, I just open the draft and continue the 2 titles that I had prepared the night before.

Simple right?

Well, where did you get the idea? I've decided to consistently read a lot of books, rewrite the books that I consider best so that I'm more memorized and subconsciously I'll write according to what's there.

From there I got an awful lot of ideas, which just came out when needed. You could say you almost never run out of ideas to write.

If you have blank paper, writing down the titles of the articles you have in mind quickly can be very helpful.

Another thing, play to other people's blogs that are interesting. Read some of the posts there I'm sure you'll get an idea.

Look around your desk. There's what book, what tapes there are, it can all give you an idea of the articles you can post.

Open a book or magazine, and find a good section and write it on your blog.

So there are a lot of ways and ideas, so we should have no trouble writing as many articles as possible according to your daily or weekly commitments.

Okay, okay, okay, okay? Yes, yes!

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