How to Make Simple Beautiful Tulips At Home

Craft From Crepe Paper: How to Make Simple Beautiful Tulips At Home: Yuhu... finally kelar also my experiment this time, namely making a simple handicraft in the form of beautiful tulips made of crepe paper, actually for the paper used does not have to use crepe paper, we can use other types of paper such as tissue paper and other paper.

This flower kerajnan in addition to adding creativity and activities, the work of this tulit flower can also be used to decorate the room in our house, and it can be certain to make it does not require expensive costs and maybe we only buy the main materials such as crepe paper. Bag you are interested want to make it here is an example of the final image of this craft, where the crepe paper used using a variety of colors to make it more attractive and bright when viewed.

Making tulips from crepe paper

How to Make Simple Beautiful Tulips At Home

Materials and equipment needed in making flowers from crepe paper:

  1. Crepe paper can use tissue paper.
  2. newspaper for tangai
  3. scissors
  4. glue paper adhesive
  5. thread
  6. ruler and pencil

How to make:

  1. When all the materials and equipment used are complete, you can directly make it, here we use the size with santuan inches, and certainly on all rulers there.
  2. Cut crepe paper with a width of 6 inches and a length of 10 inches.
  3. After cutting, fold the paper back and forth with a size of 2inchi, so it will form like the picture below where the paper has a size of 2 inches X 6 inches as much as 5 pieces.
  4. Ampil one paper and fold in the middle, after which return to the previous state.
  5. Once restored do as shown below, to make it easier for you to twist it.
  6. Twist the paper as shown in the following image.
  7. tidy up the twisted paper.
  8. Twist again on the open end of the paper,
  9. then it will look petals like the following.
  10. To make 1 flower you need as many as 5 petals.
  11. After the petals are finished, then prepare a flower stalk made of used newspaper rolled with a size of 4.5 inches X 17 inches.
  12. Do not forget to glue the paper so that the roll does not come off.
  13. Next step, start attaching the petals one by one, first unite the 3 petals first then tie them with thread.
  14. After 3 petals are bound, then the remaining 2 petals can be immediately combined with position 1 at the right end and 1 at the left end then tie again with thread.
  15. to look neater, at the bottom of the flower until the stem of the bottom end you can cover with crepe paper with a different color by means of memilinya, as shown in the picture below, and do not forget to give adhesive.

And finally finished the handicraft of flowers from paper this time. Good luck, and good luck. You can also make hand crafts from used goods / used materials as in my previous article

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