How to keep the spirit going?

I realize that I am the type, or choose to be a person who is full of enthusiasm.

Not narcissistic, because many friends also say that. And I feel the same way. Because every morning I wake up, I like to immediately start working my online business.

I always keep looking and remembering my dreams, so I am always excited… never excited, but one thing I learned, if you are not excited, then do something right away. Being discouraged is often called LA = Lost Attitude, or losing attitude. And this is bad if it is not healed immediately you will feel bad anything. Eating is not good, sleeping is not good ... anything is not good.

LA / Losing attitude is natural and normal ... all can experience and is very human, only the difference is that the winner will quickly return when he experiences a loss of attitude, while the loser, the loss of his attitude can take weeks, even more, which makes him sink deeper into abyss of sadness and despair.

So your intensity during the loss of attitude greatly affects how quickly you return. If you lose your attitude for a long time, then the return is not fast, but if you lose your attitude for just a little while, then you come back, then you don't run out of time and don't get inside.

Then how do you stay enthusiastic and only occasionally lose your attitude and quickly get back on your feet again?

How to keep the spirit going?

Here comes the trick strategy:

1. Get used to reading a lot of positive books, during your life.

I am very serious about this, what goes in is what comes out. If you never, or rarely read personality development books, motivational books, how can you get used to being always excited? the answer is no, because our brains have to be trained. And hanging out with successful people, and reading books that inspire our minds will get used to being excited ... and quickly recovered if you experience loss of attitude.

2. Exercise regularly.

Sports can make us happy and excited. Wonder? no right? because at some point after exercise, our brain, or certain glands in our brain secrete endorphins, which make us happy, optimistic, cheerful, alert, younger, and of course very excited!

Try it, do your favorite light exercise for at least 30 minutes, and you will feel much better.

I chose to walk to Renon Square in Denpasar City. Apart from getting a breath of air from the many trees, the square also provides a broad view, it's nice to meet lots of young parents, of course, lots of cute girls are there too, and lots of pets too. Seeing a lot of people exercising and being happy, makes me happy too.

3. Always remember what your DREAMS are.

When your eyes are not on your dream, then usually he is looking at the problem. Looking at the current situation that is not yet in accordance with dreams.

It takes a visionary's eye to see what hasn't happened, and this can be practiced. By looking far ahead to our DREAM, what we will feel, enjoy and do if dreams come true, it will give strength and enthusiasm in the present moment.

Have a dream, have a target when you want to achieve what .. and make plans every day. Measure and revise the plan periodically. This will all make you focused on dreams, and not on problems and current circumstances.

4. Find friends, places, circumstances that make you feel good.

If you are in a place, atmosphere, with people who make you feel bad, then you will also tend to be discouraged and get infected with feeling bad too.

So instead of changing them, it's better if we just go, look for an atmosphere, place, environment that suits our needs that can make us feel comfortable, good, feel good and get excited again. If your environment is negative, then just say good bye, and find a replacement that is much more positive…. It's about a choice right, if not you will be trapped and your potential will be difficult to get out.

5. Find your area of ​​excellence and focus there!

If you focus on how weak and not good you are in a certain field ... of course you will feel bad. Conversely, if you focus on some of your strengths that God has given you, then you will feel happy and feel good.

So what is your area of ​​excellence? where do you feel proud how can you make the most of that area and forget for a moment your shortcomings?

Everyone has advantages and disadvantages, SURE! Nothing is 100% perfect in this world. No matter how beautiful and handsome she looks, there are flaws.

Our task is to find among those shortcomings, collect the rest that can still be empowered and rise up and focus on the remaining strengths, then make a great work from there.

So instead of crying over your shortcomings and always comparing your weaknesses with the strengths of others, why not see how good you are in certain fields and bring out your music and your dancing.

Do you still remember, even Michael Jackson himself initially felt insecure and had flaws in himself that he wanted to avoid ... but he focused on his myriad of strengths and turned them into diamonds.

So what are your strengths, what is your passion, where you can be the best ... if you find it, take it out, rub it on until it becomes a diamond and show the world ... that you are beautiful, you are valuable, even you are a winner and the best in your chosen field .

It's okay to be discouraged sometimes, lose your attitude, the question is how long have you been there and how often? Do the steps above, and you will not experience it often, even for a long period of time.

If you experience it, you will quickly rise. Remember, that there is an angel within you waiting to be released! So that the whole world can enjoy it… yes, the whole world… regardless of their background, ethnicity, religion. Because you are made by and to perfection!


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