Decorate Used Milk Cans Into Beautiful Pencil Cases

Decorate Used Milk Cans Into Beautiful Pencil Cases

How to make handicrafts - Making Used Crafts: Decorating Used Milk Cans Into Beautiful Pencil Places, Kali in our latest craft article on this blog easy craft, will display a tutorial on making crafts using unused materials / used goods and turn them into handicrafts that have value and benefits that may not have been thought of by many people.

In this article, we will learn to decorate used cans using tissue paper that is cheap and easy to find in school equipment stores. picture in this article I took from the beautiful sister Sala, thanks for her help. 

Basically, in making crafts we must be able to imagine and be able to pour ideas into real form, previously in the article I had also discussed making pencil cases from used cans, but to decorate them I used a roll of leftover newspaper (read: Latest: Crafts From Used Goods - Pencil Places From Newspapers and Used Cans).

make a pencil case Ok, for those of you who want to make it you can prepare materials and equipment as follows:

  1. 1 used can
  2. tissue paper of various colors
  3. scissors
  4. paper glue
  5. canned varnish
  6. Brushes
  7. glue shoot
  8. hairdryer, if any

When all the materials and equipment are complete, let's just make it, cut the tissue paper into 4 parts with a rectangular size as shown in the picture below.

roll the tissue paper by twisting it / twist it with the fingers of the hand from the end of the paper one to the other.

do so continuously, until the roll of paper used to cover the used can is sufficient.

before the roll of paper, you paste, then first attach tissue paper to the can that serves as the first layer, use a brush to glue, and gradually paste a sheet of tissue paper.

if the whole side of the can have been covered with paper then if there is excess tissue paper you can roll it.

Start attaching a roll of paper in a twist using a firing glue,

once there are two rows of rolls of paper then scissors, and proceed with using rolls of tissue paper of different colors.

At the bottom of the tissue, the paper roll uses the same color of paper as the one on it.

In the mouth of the can also roll tissue paper so that there is no sharp side.

after completion then the last part that you have to do is to make a flower decoration, by scrolling it as shown below, after a small role so then continue by using tissue paper of another color. to glue it to glue the paper.

create a roll of paper with the following shape to create the leaves.

make flowers and leaves to taste, or you can adjust to the size of your can.

Then start by pasting one flower, leaf, and flower stalk.

stems of flowers using twisted tissue paper. and smaller in size.

to make this pencil temat more durable and shinier you can give him varnish.

after the varnish is flat then you can dry it with a hairdryer. and if it is dry the pencil case of this used item is ready for use.

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