Dare to Change Makes Longevity and Happiness

Dare to Change Makes Longevity and Happiness

A man who is perfect in seeing things is not only relying on his eyes to capture a reality, but also supported by the vision of his conscience through the process of thinking or dhikr according to the concept of Islamic thought. Everything that we see in reality with repeated thoughts will be formed into an attitude that eventually becomes a reality of the truth of his thinking. The truth of reality is what becomes the weapon of "supreme intelligence skills" that is the highest intelligence skills.

Every human being is born to be the leader, a great leader always starts from organizing his personal (personal leadership) with the process of thinking in a team and seeing "what we think about" to control the habits of sex behavior, lust, feelings, ego, anger and other elements of the soul under the command of the mind and make the mind "bethink".

Think / change the mind to restore the knots of thinking so that everyone releases the truth of reality in the brain of his head with the truth of reality that has been upgraded. This process must be done next so that it becomes a dynamic thinking process "let them do all the thinking". The process of changing the mind is not enough just "change the reality" but must change the truths in our minds that have become "the perception of that reality"into truths that are able to kill other universal truths to the point of absolute truth that is the truth obtained from the process of reality of God's thinking.

By increasing the courage of thinking in order to create thinking skills to produce extraordinary thinking. Then we will be able to do a revolutionary movement of thinking to change everything quickly and instantly. So that there is no longer a reality and perception goes alone, because both will be able to be integrated by the revolutionary thinker.

Daring to change is the truth created by a dynamic thought process. Good thinking is "bethink inventing the future" which is to change the mind by creating the future without leaving the "constantly improve the procces" daily process to nurture and correct from truth to bold change. The process of change is the starting point of the element of happiness creation, where at the time the mind is being processed accompanied by the presence of conscience as an advisor and a counterbalance of the results of thought. Then spontaneity of the starting points of happiness begins to arise.

It is true that happiness arises when we receive gifts, pass exams, earn a lot of money, can flatter, praise, enjoy beautiful scenery, solve problems, and others. Happiness arising from the ekxtern factor is temporery, meaning that here is influenced by the incubation period and expiration. So that when the condition and situation change then it disappears and happiness turns into sadness. Happiness like this is the happiness of taste alone, not the happiness tobe continue that resulted in the collaboration of mind and conscience. The essence of happiness is the process of the mind's ability to cooperate with conscience in leading feelings to be controlled so as not to master the human soul until the feeling moves into happiness.

Feelings are essentially similar to lust, both of which can move and flow throughout the soul affecting the five senses. Finally, the five senses that have been affected by the feeling will be carried away in certain situations and conditions, which are adjusted to the existing reality environmental factors. Then comes a feeling of happiness, sadness, sorrow, mourning, suspicion and so on.

Lust is essentially attacking /aggressive with faster movement than feelings that tend to be sluggish after receiving stimulation from the five senses. The movement of lust in affecting the soul until it penetrates the five senses moves reflexively and quickly to the climax point. In situations like this the mind and conscience cannot do much, because the knots have been controlled by lust. So wild and violent effects that arise, such as anger, scolding people, rebuking, insulting, harassing, even to criminal acts such as killing and raping.

But the movement of lust will be more beautiful and delicious when in the process of affecting the soul first controlled by the mind and conscience. So that the mind before instructing the lust birahai to move, the mind has obtained a record of the truth of reality experienced. It's like the wild lust given by the mind to someone who has had a marital relationship. Then the mind will calmly let lust rule the soul until the ending of a very extraordinary climax. This is one of the evidences of happiness arising from the process of lust controlled by the mind.

The shackles of the soul that are not resolved and control all elements of the soul will be full of suffering of the soul. The shackles of a soul that has mastered the effects of personality can directly affect our temporal and spiritual. The impact that arises is not the normalization of blood circulation in some parts of our body. In a certain time qurun shackles of the soul is in line with the metabolic process of the body that is the influence of food and drink can clog the circulation of blood until the onset of how many effects of certain diseases. The process of physical pain will affect the movement of spiritual processes. If this happens continuously for many years often arises sinking shackles of the soul affect the physical and spiritual then the fragility of bones and skin arises. We can deduce this is called the aging process of age until finally man can pass away.

On the other hand, the impact of the shackles of the soul that rule the whole personality penetrates all five senses will have an effect on certain movements and deeds. This process can also cause humans to leave the world because the shackles of the soul influence the process of movement and action. For example, a person is driving a vehicle, while in a few minutes later the shackles of the soul master the five senses, then a reflex movement arises in one second. This condition if in a vehicle can cause an accident until finally the person dies the world. Means a truth relaitas in the perception of thinking to make a movement of change in consistency is true can create happiness and even live long.

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