5 Techniques to Get Lots of Fresh Ideas For Writing!

5 Techniques to Get Lots of Fresh Ideas For Writing!

Here are the tips I learned to get more fresh IDE to write on my blog.

1. Take a shower.

Well, it looks funny? bathing in cold water, or warm water, can bring you a lot of ideas. do not rush to take a bath, just enjoy it, when our minds are enjoying what we do, often fresh ideas even appear. After all, taking a shower will keep your body fresh. So fresh ideas are easy to come by. Try.

2. Walk.

Usually every two days, sometimes every day, I walk in the square. I accidentally left my Online Business job to enjoy walking. By walking, seeing a lot of people there doing their activities, playing football, running around children, selling people, lovers dating, etc, then I changed the focus, from being glued to online business to something else, especially while doing tiring activities and making the body fresh.... usually, the ideas even come out a lot. Try!

3. Read the book.

Well, actually not only business books, motivation, but it could be Lupus books, Donald duck, or any book, by distracting for a moment and enjoying reading, we can get a lot of fresh ideas.

4. Writing pranks.

Well, writing pranks on paper, it's also great for provoking lots of fresh ideas. Writing is also great for directing our minds to be more focused and planned. Everyone is successful in their world having a journal and diligently writing down the ideas they get there. Why don't we?

5. Relaxation.

At the time of Nyepi yesterday, the lights went out, because we should not turn on the lights or fire, then there is no other option but to contemplate. Don't even read and write. For hours contemplating when the atmosphere was so quiet, made me get a lot of amazingly good ideas. Maybe you can get a massage on the body to make it more relaxed, it will make you more relaxed and ready to receive a lot of fresh ideas.

Good luck!

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