5 magic formulas in success!

magic formulas in success!

My best friend told me about 5 great success formulas. Here are the 5 successful formulas:

1. Knowledge Is Power.

Knowledge is power, if you have the right knowledge then you have great power. Knowing the right science is a strength for you.

Just imagine, if you know where there is a gold mine ready to be mined ( in the sense of good opportunities and make a lot of money ), your know-how, the recipe, the system, and you master it with the application, then you already have tremendous power. If you find knowledge expensive, try ignorance. Ignorance is much more expensive, as it says, what you don't know can't help you.

So knowledge is power? Yes, But remember, knowledge alone is not enough, there needs to be application, there needs to be work, for that the second step says:

2. Work is a pleasure.

Work is fun. If we are able to make work like we are playing, it is fun then we will love to do the job, and when we are happy, then we will be successful, money will follow the person who likes to do something that he likes to do wholeheartedly. Combine it with Knowledge is a power above.

So, you have to find a business field that suits your passion, with your preferences, your hobbies. What is that? Make the list no problem. Answer this question: If you have a magic wand if you can succeed on only one field that you can choose, then what field will you choose? If there is one area where you can be a tremendous success in your life, want to succeed what are you?

When I ask this question, I imagine if I can succeed in something, then I want to choose where to succeed? what one thing do I most want to be successful there? If I could only achieve that one, then I would have been very satisfied to have lived in this world. The answer is I want to be a successful speaker. Talk to a lot of people, be invited everywhere. Well, I want that, and I'm constantly developing my skills so that I can be a speaker in my field.

What do you want?

I realized that being a speaker in my field of expertise is not always easy, there is a lot of hard work and rejection that I have to face. But I know there is a third step:

3. Never Give up.

If you already have the knowledge, and you have started to apply it, already like what you have to do, and start experiencing success or failure of small failures, then do it continuously, never give up. If you give up then you won't be a success. This third step is also very important.

The same thing about all successful people is that they never give up. Just like the story of Colonel Sanders with his Kentucky fried chicken, also 7up, and many more. There's persistence and an unyielding attitude there. Do it again, let's do it again, again...

4. Nothing is impossible

Well for people who have the right knowledge, love what they do, and do it all the time, then nothing is impossible. Believe that everything is possible for a person who really wants something with all his soul, with all his body, with all his prayers. Nothing is impossible.

5. No Pain No Gain.

And lastly, if you believe that it can be achieved, you work hard and love what you do, you never give up. You'll finally be there. So, No Pain No Gain. There will be a pain, there will be many in fact, all the way to your trophy. Remember No Pain No Gain. If everything goes smoothly if everything is easy, then of course your dream may be too small, or something is not worth doing.

Big dreams, usually, pain or challenges are also great!

Thanks my good friend, I am happy with the 5 successful formulas he shared with me that day.

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