Why Black Cats Become Symbols of Horror And Magic

Likes to dislike in our lives, often we clash with things that are mysterious or also called the word occult whose dimensions are difficult to reach common sense and our minds. We often encounter in a horror movie, always presenting a black cat as a background or extras. Black cat accessories also often appear in events related to the mystical world. As hallowen approaches, the symbol of the black cat is sold in the form of a small doll or keychain. The flaming-eyed beast of the night time is always associated with the world of magic or magic.

Black Cats

Black cats are often associated with scary mystery myths.

Some people believe that the presence of black cats has always been associated with the arrival of jinn or ghosts. Usually black cats don't come anywhere and time. Only quiet and dirty places are the favorite places for the appearance of black cats.

Some people believe the presence of black cats is a sinister sign. Where black cats are found, surely around the location there are ghosts or other genie nations who are doing sightings or just passing by. Huh so extreme!

The belief in black cats dates back to ancient Babylonian history. At that time the black cat was offered in a ritual ceremony to be burned along with other offerings. This myth arose because there was a black cat sleeping in the middle of a snake casually, when at that time the snake was the symbol of evil.

This understanding continued to develop until the middle ages. In Germany, there is a belief that if a black cat jumps into the bed of a sick person, death will come to the sick person. In other ways, the Normans believe that when you see a black cat crossing a full moon, they believe you're going to get a bad one.

In Finland, people there believe that black cats are what bring the human soul to the afterlife. In China, the presence of a black cat is a sign that they will get sick or will fall poor. The story changes slightly elsewhere, in India, the reincarnated soul can be freed by throwing a black cat into the fire. There is one bengali legend that there is a woman who can turn a human soul into a black cat, and every black cat that gets hurt will hurt her too.

The Celts believe that black cats can predict the future. Druids in ancient England believed that cats were incarnate as someone who did evil in his past was later convicted of being a black cat. Well, blame the druids, because they're the ones who have connected - connect the black cats with Halloween, ghosts and witches.

There is also another belief, which says that this black cat is one of the disguises of witches. Although no witness has ever witnessed a witch transform into a black cat or a black cat turned into a witch, they say that one day they hurt a black cat and the black cat was injured, and the next day they found the same wound in the same place the cat was injured to a woman.

Another believes that black cats are partners of witches to complete their evil deeds. They would fly with their broomsticks and start making a fuss but this one's belief ended with giving them sweet candies in anticipation of the witches from making a fuss.

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