What You Should Learn At Age 22

Time passes quickly. it seems that it was only the other day we were 12 years old, playing bikes in more or less home. when he was 22 years old, many took the decision to get married and quit school, as well as with the existing debt money, many thought he could be a billionaire when he was 30 years old. or as ugly as 35 years old. but in reality, things are not as smooth as ideas.

What You Should Learn At Age 22

if you are now 40 years old, there are many things that you should say to yourself who are 22 years old.

1. Do your education.

  • Don't stop. maybe you're getting tired right now, but don't get around to conditions where you don't like your job, but you can't stop. completing a bachelor's degree can open you the door to more and more opportunities.

2. money does not rot, save it.

  • start investing from the beginning. how many items do you have to give you the amount of money you need during school and college? if you invest only half of it, you can have a lot in your middle age. invest from the beginning.

3. Do not buy the first house you see.

  • buy the cheapest with an excellent environment.

4. Build something routine to live fit the cost.

  • the absolute thing you need to remember is: living fits the cost or cost of not imprisoning or limiting you, but to convince your freedom one day.

5. Learn to negotiate in all matters.

  • Negotiating studies can save you large sums of money. always ready for study and out of one condition.

6. Make sure you are covered by health insurance at all times.

7. Quality time in the office is absolute, but the amount of time you have at home is the main one.

  • Your boss no longer cares about your family. but the family continues to exist after you have long since left your job. then it's good to put your family first.

8. Do not listen to those who mention that there is a short path to wealth.

  • wealth is created because you successfully offer something interesting and valuable to those who ask for it. The absolute lesson here is: find out the wishes that have not been fulfilled and learn how to suffice.

9. Make sure your partner has the same value as you do.

  • this one can be the determinant of your happiness. talk to your partner, the absolute value to your life that needs to be taught to children, even if you don't plan on having one.

10. Network building studies.

  • learn to keep involved with old colleagues. learn to want help without appearing to be working on it. look at how others build networks. remember, the absolute thing is not only what you know, but what you can do with what you know. and more absolutely, not just who you know, but who knows you. learn to build networks without wanting anything in return.

11. never accept a job just because the pay is higher.

  • Do not accept a job just because it has a higher pay. life is not just about money.

12. sure, but make sure.

  • you can be sure of what you taught, heard, and read as a child. but right now, you keep checking references, asking questions, and tracking answers. Don't be a cynic, but make sure of everything. Absolute lesson: make sure you know who you are dealing with and what the motivation is.

13. study for sincerity

  • There was a time when everything we had planned in such a way could fall apart. here the importance of sincere study, namely with the step not to always attach importance to selfishness of own desires and more needs of others.

Sincerely give if we have a strong soul.

14. Self-study, do not rely on parents and
15. study of restraining lust as well as ego
16. studies for level-headed.. Young blood is hot. klo there is a problem more dluan emotions..
17. do look around and know the conditions and situations that are ongoing ( not to miss the news) because if we miss the info we can be left behind 1 step.
18. concentrate on one goal that of course so that the affairs are maintained and well noticed.
19. self-confidence gan, with confidence we can concentrate on one job in order to succeed
20. stay away from wastage by not smoking, not spree2, and keep saving
21. always pray that the sustenance is smooth and always vit
22. Multiply worship, life is not eternal

learn what motivates you. learn what motivates your partner and your child. learn what motivates your colleagues and coworkers, your boss, your boss. Do not stop studying first, and grow. By the time you reach your 42nd, you can become a billionaire!

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