Unique Style Shoes

Shoes in addition to being footwear can also be an enhancer of appearance. Because it's like other accessories, shoes really need to get care. Because improper care will make your shoe collection break down quickly. Of course, if you wear it other than uncomfortable, it will interfere with your appearance.


How to take good care of shoes? To prevent the shoes from smelling, do not wear shoes with wet feet. Because it can cause bacteria to develop and eventually your shoes become unpleasant smelling.

If you have leather shoes, keep them in a dry place. Avoid drying shoes under the hot sun, just wind them so that they are not damp and moldy. Do not wipe with water and use a soft material to wipe it. Especially for white shoes, wipe by wearing white toothpaste until evenly so that the leather of the shoe does not break and last longer.

For suede shoes, avoid exposure to water directly. Brush the shoes with a smooth shoe brush so that the dust attached can be removed. Then dry the shoes in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. If your feet are always sweating, it is best to dry them first, then sprinkle with powder to keep your feet dry and fresh.

Do not forget to use a special shoe spray or foot spray on the inside of your shoes and immediately wind it to dry.

After being worn and stored alternately for a long time, generally the shape of the shoe will change. Use the shoe tree to maintain the shape of the shoe. If you usually supply it with newspapers or paper instead of shoe trees, it's best to stop this habit from now on. Don't wear the same shoes every day even if you like them very much. Sweat and dirt from the feet that intersect with the shoe will accelerate the damage to the shoe. Intersperse the wear with other shoes before you put them back on.

Dry with a fan, if your shoes are wet, remove the straps (for lacy shoes), remove the tongue, and place them in front of the fan. If the inner sole can indeed be removed, remove it as well. If it is almost dry, take a shoe tree, attach it to your shoes and let it dry by itself. If the attachment to the shoe is almost off, try to glue it yourself with shoe glue or some kind of super glue glue. First clean the old glue marks by sanding them, then apply the shoe glue to the loose part and glue it back. Firmly press the wet part until dry.

If any part of the shoe comes off, glue it back with super glue. It is better to do by the shoemaker, because sometimes shoemakers do not wear the same adhesive glue as well as the quality. Shoes are one of the items in fashion that will not go unnoticed by people. You are also obliged to take care of it, because the number of shoe models makes you also have to be extra attentive with this fashion accessory. Of course everything to support your appearance. 

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