Tips for Retaining Consumers

There are 2 things that can not be separated in business activities, namely sellers and buyers who interact with each other. Whatever type of business we run both in the field of services and trade is inseparable from these two elements.

Tips for Retaining Consumers

There is a saying that consumers are king. The saying in my opinion is still relevant to the present condition or even universal. Sellers will not be able to sell if there are no consumers, and vice versa consumers will not be able to meet all their needs if there is no seller.

I think efforts to retain consumers are much more difficult than getting new consumers. Everyone's business activities will compete to retain consumers in various ways so that the consumer does not move to become another customer. Treat consumers as the king more widely felt by companies engaged in the field of services. Let's see how a bank, between one bank and another bank vying to provide the best service to its customers. Start by opening the entrance, good morning pa.. Ma'am, the friendly officer's face is full of smiles up to other things offering help. Then we see also how the car dealership company provides services, starting with the opening of the entrance with a friendly face from the customer service, given various explanations about a product he sells, congratulating him until he is delivered back to the exit when the consumer comes home. Such tricks they try how to win the hearts of customers to be partners. If you want to survive, that's the demand.

I have an experience that may be beneficial for you how to maintain a costume. Look, I have a small business that is run from home since the beginning of 2001 in the field of computer rental and typing services that I then developed by adding business types in the form of internet cafes, computer courses and computer services. My small business still survives until now because I apply the trivial concept, "Providing The Best Service For Consumers".

For those of you who have the same business activities as me or whatever business you are running, there is a simple way how to maintain the consumers in order to always give money to us. Here are the tips for you:

  • Say hello to consumers well. The point is, when the consumer

come to our place, welcome with a smile, wherever possible
say selamet morning or afternoon pa.. Bu. The first point is already us
get a "friendly" impression.

  • Ask what the needs are. We have to be pro actively asking questions first

what was the consumer's need with the saying "there is something I need to

  • Provide the best quality. Every product we provide should be the best.

Never give to consumers of origin. It is
will create a bad impression for customers on the products we

  • Give a reasonable price. At a level of intense competition the price of a

products or services are very decisive. To buy something
consumers usually choose which places are cheaper. Give
them at a reasonable price but still accompanied by good quality,
consumer bases will return to our place.

  • Keep the Promise. Strive for every promise we make to consumers

to always be kept. Never give promises to
consumers if indeed we can not meet it. Avoid
until consumers commute to our place simply because of promises that are not
We can keep it right, the time and money they've wasted because of our promise
inappropriate. Consumers will be disappointed and move elsewhere. The tip of the
the end of which is our own loss, the loss of consumers.

  • Create a family. At the time we were giving service,

don't tend to focus on the final sales outcome alone. I mean,
during the service delivery process we do not behave
Monotonous. Engage them in a lighthearted chat,
such as asking for a place to live or may also ask about
their families. It is intended to create relationships.

  • Create psychological bonds. This can be done when we can

create a family bond with consumers. To create
bathin ties I do by giving speeches to
certain moments, such as birthday wishes, congratulations
holidays and so on. Simply by texting. These tips are enough
because consumers feel cared for. Well if the bond bathin
already formed difficult for consumers to move elsewhere.

Some tips that I do for the sake of maintaining customers. This concept has always been maintained because I have the principle that the customer is my business life. Very simple but indeed the results are good enough for this small business can survive until now despite the economic crisis. Well what about you?, stuff times have a nicer experience than mine, let's share the experience.

Hopefully useful.

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