Soursop fruit is beneficial for health

Soursop fruit is beneficial for health

Just imagine when the air again hot, thirsty, you order a glass of soursop juice using ice hmm delicious and fresh for sure.. a pity who is not familiar with this soursop fruit. Soursop fruit or also known as Durian Netherlands, when this plant comes from the Caribbean, Central America and South America. 

Uniquely this fruit can grow in different places but usually grows most in quite watery areas. Did you know. the name of the fruit itself comes from the Dutch zuurzak which means sour sac. Soursop trees can reach a height of 9 meters. Well in our country soursop trees can grow well at an altitude of 1000m above sea level.

The flesh of this soursop fruit is white and the seeds are black. This fruit is commonly used as a raw material for drinks such as juice and has now been processed into syrup. This fruit contains a lot of many carbohydrates, especially fructose. Another nutrient content is Vit. C, Vit. B1 and B2 are numerous. It should also be known that soursop seeds are poisonous and can be used as natural insecticides.

This fruit is also referred to by people as jackfruit opposite this in addition to its good taste also has some natural medicinal content. What diseases can be cured by soursop among them are Ambient Sufferers, Bladder, Menceret, ulcers.

Especially ambient sufferers are advised to cook soursop fruit and squeezed to take water as much as 1 glass taken 2 times a day morning and afternoon.

Especially people with bladder disorders are advised to cook half-cooked soursop fruit and given sugar to taste. Make compote or eat as usual and do it regularly every day for 1 week in a row.

Especially in the baby who is squealing, Cook soursop fruit and take the water to drink to the baby as much as 2-3 tablespoons.

In anyang-anyangan pain, soursop is boiled and given sugar and then take the water to drink.

Anti Cancer

Soursop is also efficacious as a natural anti-tumor drug / cancer that is very strong and medically proven to cure a type of cancer so that lately this causes a stir in the medical world.

Amazingly in addition to curing cancer this fruit is also efficacious as

  1. Anti-bacterial
  2. Antifungal
  3. Fighting various parasites in the body such as worms
  4. Lowering high blood pressure
  5. Depression
  6. Stress
  7. Normalizes the nervous system poorly.

When research experts from the Health Sciences Institute heard the phenomenon of the greatness of soursop fruit they did research for this soursop fruit and the results were very surprising.

Soursop or its Latin name Graviola is proven as a plant that is able to kill cancer cells that are natural and effective. If you want to know in depth the full story of the magic of soursop fruit found in Beyond Chemotherapy: New Cancer Killers, safe as Mothers Milk published by Health Sciences Institute.

Actually the efficacy and wonder of soursop buuah has been known for a long time by researchers at The National Cancer Institute (NCI). NCI began its research in 1976 as a result of proving that the leaves and trunks of soursop fruit are able to attack and destroy cancerous harmful cells. Then why do we just know now, unfortunately this valuable information is only for its own purposes alone is not published.

From now on care about your health, because that health can not be bought with money..

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