Preventing Wrinkles with Lavender

Pollution, weather changes, and sunlight make the skin dry, wrinkled, and damaged. But you don't have to worry. Now there is a lavender cream that will nourish the skin.


If you stay under the sun for too long, fine lines and wrinkles will appear on the face. It is also influenced by our lifestyle. If we rarely exercise and smoke, wrinkles will easily arise.

Therefore, it takes proper skin care (facial) in order for the skin to return smooth and toned. Facials, can be done once a week because every day women are exposed to sunlight, exposed to air conditioning, exposed to pollution, and often wear cosmetics. Therefore, facials are needed once a week so that the skin can regenerate dead skin cells and remove dirt that sticks to the face.

As it turns out, facials with lavender cream can make the face fresh, glowing, and free from wrinkles. Lavender cream is great for nourishing the skin and reducing wrinkles on the face. Lavender has a variety of properties that are good for the skin. In addition to being an anti-irritant and overcoming infections in the feminine area, lavender also serves to improve the regeneration of skin cells and can kill acne-causing bacteria.

Lavender has long been known to have many properties, but rarely use it as a cream for facials. Most lavender is used for body and aromatherapy spas. In fact, lavender can also be used to overcome wrinkles as well as smooth the skin of the face. Here are the stages of facial treatment with lavender:


Clean your face and remnants of makeup, dirt and oil with a face sponge and warm water.


Then give peeling or commonly called exfoliation on the face. Peeling is useful to remove dead skin cells so that the skin regeneration process is optimal and the skin becomes smoother. Peeling can also help remove acne scars in the form of black stains and perforated acne scars.

Facial soap: 

After that, the face is cleaned with a sponge. The face is washed back with a cleanser or facial soap to remove any residual oil or residual cream that has previously been used. Then, the remains of soap are removed with a wet sponge.


After that, massage or do a massage on the face with a special cream or lotion facial massage. This massage serves to improve blood circulation on the face, reduce wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity. Then clean the face again with warm water.

Blackhead suction:  

After massage, do a blackhead with a tool or vacuum.

Face mask:  

Next, use a face mask that contains essential oil. The polishing of the mask starts from the bottom of the chin to the top to be able to tighten the face.

Give serum:

Then the face is given a serum containing lavender essential oil. In order for the serum to be absorbed optimally, use a tool such as a roller that is fed by a very low-power serum.

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