Learn to Love

A lot of people feel pressured by their work. Carrying out office work is just a routine in order to earn income alone. During business hours, always wait for lunch hours, return hours, holidays, weekends, or payday dates. When this happens, time may feel long and you are reluctant to work. If you haven't or can't get another job, you can try to love the job because it will be more fun if we do what we like. But, how can you like that boring job?

Learn to Love

How to Love Work

"Love Your Job But Never Fall In Love With Your Company" — a general statement that encourages people to love their work and not to love the company. Why? Because at any time the company could get rid of you at any time. But how to love your job? Here are some interesting tips to love your job.

Enthusiastic about Work

If you don't like your job, it certainly won't be easy for you to carry out office tasks. You will feel burdened with the task given so that the work is not maximized. On the other hand, if someone does something they love, it's going to be fun, time is short, and you have the passion to do it. For example, someone who likes to draw will be enthusiastic when assigned to create a house design, become an architect, or other work.

Therefore, act as if you like and enjoy your work. Pay full attention to what you're working on. It may seem impossible to like your work now. However, force yourself to do this. Smiling or standing tall can help to be more enthusiastic. As a result, you can feel really like the job.

Do Your Best

Avoid taking a job or being stupid about your work. This can make you feel stressed due to unfinished work, getting piled up or getting exposed to boss nagging.

Do not do the work with origin but give more than what is commanded. Set work priorities so that important work can be completed first. You can also motivate yourself to give your best. For example, you can record how long you can get work done or anything else to measure productivity. Then challenge yourself to do even better in your next task.

Doing More

When you get a job, don't be satisfied with doing what you expect. The pluses of your boss and satisfaction can be obtained when you are creative to further embellish your work. For example, by adding supporting information when assigned to process a data. Or if you like technology but you work in the accounting section, you can look for technological breakthroughs that can help you get tasks done faster.

See the Positive Side

Even if you feel like your work is saturated, it's never done, a fierce boss, or a annoying co-worker, but try to see the positives. Compare our circumstances with others who are not as fortunate as we are. How are people who still haven't got jobs, people whose jobs are heavier than ours, or how people whose incomes aren't as much as ours.

Try to remember how when you were trying to get this job, for example how you had to take public transportation, how the first time you didn't know other coworkers, when you were still confused by the work to do. Remembering this struggle can help you love work more.

Keep Learning

Office tasks feel heavy maybe because you don't fully understand yet. A pectoral who feels heavy when assigned to make a job, it could be because he does not fully understand the concept of the work. For example someone is tasked with creating a report in Excel with pivot table, it is certainly not a normal thing, but it can be learned.

So, to gain knowledge, you can find out more from the Internet, books, or from others who understand it better. If possible, you can also take courses. Another way is to pay attention to the examples. By knowing more, it's easier to do it.

Give Awards

When you don't get appreciation from others when you successfully carry out a given task, don't be discouraged, you can reward yourself. You can compliment yourself for your goals or celebrate your success. Of course, this should not be done excessively.

Avoid the attitude to hate your work because this will make you more depressed, feel stressed and the results of the work are not maximized. Strive to learn to love your work for better results. With a good job, the work does not accumulate, you can get satisfaction, praise from the boss, promotion of positions and it is not impossible to earn a better salary.. good luck.

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