How to Take Care of a Rarely Used Car

If you are a busy person and rarely use your car for daily activities, here I will share about Tips to Take Care of Cars That Are Rarely Used.

How to Take Care of a Rarely Used Car

How to Care for a Car That Is Rarely Used:

  • Remove the Car Battery if the Car is not used for more than two weeks.

This is because the car battery is very sensitive, if your car is not used or not turned on for more than two weeks then the car will quickly break down. The car battery will last longer when used frequently.

  • Give The Car Deodorizer and Cover the Car with a Cover

Deodorizers are used to avoid musty odors in cars that may arise because the car is closed for a long time. While the Cover can serve to prevent dust from entering the car through small cracks. To buy this Car Cover you can buy at car accessories stores.

  • Avoid or Remove Car Tires from the Floor

This aims to keep the car suspension awake and unencumbered by the vehicle. If the old car is not used, then the suspension will go up and down. So when driven it will feel uncomfortable. To lift this tire you can do it by using a Jack or standjack.

  • Free the Handbrake Position

This aims to avoid the attachment between the oil and the brake disc if the car is left for a long time. Especially if your car has tromol brakes on the rear wheels.

Wiper Barrier With Foam

When the car is abandoned for a long time try the wipers do not touch the windshield. Because if left for a long time and touch the rubber glass wipers will harden and not flex anymore. So that when used rubber wipers will be rough and can damage the windshield.

Thus Tips to Take Care of Cars that Are Rarely Used, hopefully the tips to take care of the car above can be useful. Thank

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