Green Tea Prevents Breast Cancer

Perhaps most women have heard of the efficacy of green tea for the health of its breasts. However, often some still doubt the truth. Now those doubts have been answered. The compounds contained in green tea can indeed protect the breast from cancer attacks.

green tea

This was revealed from preliminary studies conducted by several American researchers. In the experiment, they gave green tea steeping to some mice, while others only obtained plain water.

As it turned out, mice that drank green tea had an encouraging benefit. The size of her breast tumor is getting smaller and her ferocity is reduced compared to mice who only drink regular water. In addition, tumors of mice that drank tea then grew more slowly and no longer attacked healthy cells.

Of course, these findings further reinforce the notion that tea is very beneficial for women's breast health. Because, based on observations so far in countries that diligently consume green tea every day, the rate of breast cancer of women is very low. For them, tea is considered one of the healthiest foods.

In addition, the lead researcher, Dr. Gail Sonenshein, even said that tea has absolutely no adverse side effects. Therefore, people should not be afraid to consume three to five cups of tea per day. There is no problem if people diligently drink green tea as a preventive measure.

This biochemistry lecturer from the Boston University School of Medicine added, green tea can mainly prevent breast cancer caused by environmental factors. However, she recommends that patients undergoing radiation or breast cancer chemotherapy need to consult a doctor before she tries to drink plenty of tea.

According to the study published in the July 2001 issue of the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, many polyphenol compounds in the tea serve as a protector against cancer. Polyphenols are classified as highly potent antioxidants. This compound will neutralize the free radicals that cause the cancer.

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