Free Ways to Bring Traffic

Bringing traffic or visitors to the Website home page is important for website owners.  Without Visitors, your Website or Blog will not generate product sales.   The main question of the importance of Traffic is not only how to bring visitors, but how to get "Regular Visitors" who faithfully visit your Website or blog.  More and more "Regular Visitors" will potentially increase the revenue from your Website.

Free Ways to Bring Traffic

Owners of large capital websites usually offer products on their Website by bringing traffic from search engines.

Using search engines to attract visitors is of course a fast way but costs not a little.  However, there are still many website owners who can bring in a lot of visitors but fail to get Regular Visitors on their Website.

When you don't have enough capital to bring traffic to your Website, you don't have to use it that way.  There are many other ways that are free or without costing a lot.  Here are some ways you can build traffic without spending a lot of money.

Swap Links

This is the easiest way to do it.  You only need to contact the owner of the Website whose content is the same as your website.  They're the ones who

your competitors but at the same time become partners in the online business.  Ask for their willingness to exchange links. When you have obtained a backlink from

some websites whose content is similar to your site then visitors who come will get a reference to visit your website.

In addition, your Website will get Rankings from Search Engines.   Getting a high ranking means getting traffic without spending money.

Trafffic exchange

This method is almost the same as the exchange of links, but more on the exchange rate of content exchange.  You can exchange content with your competitors.

Usually traffic exchanges like this are conducted by the Website of the organizer of Trafic exhange, and you can register as a member.  This Web Service

receive members for Free and for a fee. Fellow Members in this Web Service can exchange content.  The advantage is visitors

staying on your partner's website will go to your website's home page and vice versa.

Writing and Registering Articles

If you want to introduce your website or blog widely, an effective way is to write and introduce to the public about the content

your website.  Write something about your product and register the article into the various directories that provide services for it.

There are many article directories on the Internet that you can visit to register your articles.  If your article is qualified and relevant then your article will be loaded and read by many visitors.

Writing Articles should not be done solely to offer products. Write useful topics for visitors who read them.

The more unique your writing will invite many readers who need information. if the information is relevant to what the reader is looking for then they will be a regular visitor to your Website.  nevertheless you should stay focused on niche-related topics for your products. Let's say you offer a shoe product, write anything about the benefits of socks for the shoes you offer.

Join and be active in the Online Forum

This method is very simple and takes a lot of your time.  Join forums that talk about topics about your niche, or topics you're good at.  You can share your experience and knowledge in this forum so you can get known.  Readers who visit this forum and read your writing will get to know you and your Website.   this will build your reputation so that the products or services you offer on your website will increase in sales.

give bonuses at every opportunity.

This latter way is very effective to keep Visitors on your Website or Blog.  If you are already known and have many followers ( followers), try to always provide something bonus to your loyal visitors.  The bonus could be a free ebook or tips from various sources.

Free ebooks can be everywhere, but if you are observant and want to use your skill to rewrite, review or package them in your own writing then it will be a bonus that is appreciated by your loyal visitors.

The five steps above are common ways that Internet marketers do at the beginning of running an Internet business. If you want to be a successful internet businessman, those initial steps are a surefire natural weapon to bring Traffic and Fixed End to Your Website, without the need to spend a lot of money.   The initial mode l all you need is TIME.    Take your Time for it, because Time is Money.

hopefully useful,

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