Create a Romantic Room with Light Games

If you're the romantic type of person, the house will follow that character. The romance of the house can be seen and a variety of elements, from the color of the interior to how you organize the room.

Creating a romantic image can be done in many ways. One of them with a light game of lights. "There are some people who feel lighting that has a certain color can generate certain emotions," says interior designer Fifiana.To create a romantic atmosphere of the room, the light created must be dim that is not too dazzling.

"The dim light is what precisely set the mood so lebth romantic, If the light is too blinding, the fall even becomes like any other room in general," said Fifiana. The best and cheapest way to create this type of dim lighting is to install a light modifier button that can set the light-dark or dimness of the lamp (dimmer switch). "The tool is easy to install sendini. But, if you are still not sure, can ask for the help of an electrician," suggested Fifiana. Dimmer switches can set the lights to give the feel they want, whether it's a romantic feel or a sense of fun. Just a little bit of turning the button, can be produced different atmosphere and atmosphere before.

Chandeliers are also perfect for creating romantic room sets. In addition to its beautiful and elegant shape, the resulting light is also dim. Hanva. not just any chandelier can be applied into the room. Adjust the shape and size to the size of your own room If the room is narrow and does not have a high ceiling, you should choose a chandelier whose size is also not too large and long. If the concept of a house or room is minimalist, you can choose a type of chandelier blending crystal and metal materials.

However, the easiest way to create light accents is to use candles. Candles can evoke a romantic atmosphere, especially those equipped with therapeutic aroma fragrances. Candles are also very inexpensive, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors. It's very economical for you," Fifiana said. Candlelight dancing in the wind will bring its own atmosphere into the room. Especially if the candle has a therapeutic aroma fragrance as is the case in the spa.

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