Making Unique Handicraft Doormats From Patchwork Leftover Material

Making Unique Handicraft Doormats From Patchwork Leftover Material

How to Make Doormats from Patchwork - Yak this time for those of you who want to work, create and produce creative, as well as do business may be a suitable handicraft. How can it be? because this product to make him use unused materials or leftover materials, required skills in sewing, need creativity to produce a unique motif of the form of a doormat, and the product must be many who will buy because it is a product needed in daily life although not a primary need.

Surely you often come across home industry products on this one? Doormats are leftover patchwork. The shape and color are now very diverse and the price is cheap, no wonder many people also want to be able to make this doormat. Want to know how? Let's follow the tutorial on how to make doormats from patchwork!

Tools and materials:

  1. Residual fabric /patchwork
  2. Rather thick fabric
  3. Thin fabric for upholstery / during
  4. Thread
  5. Scissors and sewing machines

How to make:

Short tutorial

  • Cut a rectangular patchwork with a size of approximately 5 x 5 cm, 8 x 8 cm, or 10 X 10 cm, which can be customized to your liking.
  • Diagonally fold the patchwork pieces into triangles as seen in the image (a), then fold the fabric inwards until it forms like an image (b) and re-fold it until it looks like an image (c).
  • Do as many of the above activities as you can.
  • As a mat, you can use patchwork with a larger size and form as desired. For example, oval, rectangular, butterfly, fish, or other unique patterns.
  • Then connect the pieces of patchwork that have been formed like the picture (c), so that it meets the shape of the prepared pattern.
  • When the pattern is beautifully decorated, the product is ready to be packaged and marketed.


  • Cut the remaining cloth 10 x 10 cm. Fold the triangular strong, then fold again the shape of the triangle, sew it down. Do so until the remaining cloth is exhausted.
  • The fabric is thick and thin to taste with the same size, sew around the rest to flip it over, so the seams are inside (as a base).
  • Attach the remaining triangular fabric to the base and then sew it, sewing it from the outside, do it continuously until the triangular fabric meets the base.
  • Cover the middle with another cloth according to the remaining shape.
  • Below is an example of the motif and shape of the doormat from patchwork:

Tara... And be this nice patchwork doormat, try to imagine if you can become an entrepreneur with the main business and business selling unique shape patchwork doormats. What are the approximate benefits that will be earned a day? There will be many if you really want to maintain the quality, quantity, and of course, routinely promote doormats from used fabrics. Interested in trying to make the art of handicrafts from patchwork materials?.

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