Making Flowers That Are Easy to Make Simplest

Making Flowers That Are Easy to Make Simplest

Handicrafts From Ribbons: Making Flowers That Are Easy to Make Simplest - There have been several tutorial articles on how to make flower crafts that I have made, from flowers from paper, flowers from plastic straws, and in the past, I have also mentioned how to make a unique flower vase from used plastic bottles, where one of the stages will also be used in making flowers from ribbons this time.

Since long ago used goods have their own value when it has been converted into secondhand goods, and one of the simplest handicrafts and I like is the flower craft from the following ribbons.

In order to make this ribbon flower the skill needed is to cut through, wah... if that's all you can also certainly be an experienced, wkwkwk. In addition to beautiful and unique ribbon flowers can also help you all to save, you know how can? Yes.... then you buy ready-made decorative flowers in flower shops you better make your own and tutorials on how to make it is the easiest and simplest than other tutorials making flowers contained in this blog

Crafting from ribbons

Tools and materials

  1. Each one roll of plastic tape measuring 3 cm purple and pink
  2. One bottle of dry mineral water size 300 ml
  3. Solatip to taste
  4. Scissors or cutter
  5. Lock
  6. Flannel fabric
  7. Pearl buttons

For flannel fabric and pearl buttons can be replaced with a cloth or other buttons, mango according to J's preference and for friends who happen to have a tape dispenser can be very helpful for the replacement of solution and scissors function.

How to create or manufacturing techniques:

  • For the vase part

A.       Cut the aqua bottle in half

B.      Take the bottom and each side is cut into small pieces vertically. As shown below:

  • For the flower section

C.       For the pistil part

  • Take a pink plastic tape with a length of 10 cm
  • Fold into two equal parts
  • Cut into small pieces vertically without breaking,
  • Paste with solution, as shown below:

D.       For the petal part

  • Take a purple plastic tape with a length of 7 cm. Unlike the previous ribbon, this purple ribbon is not folded in half but immediately cut vertically.
  • The purple plastic tape that has been cut into pieces, then pulled using the key towards the exit, will be like the picture below:
  • Glue with solution

  1. Combine pink plastic ribbons that have been used as pistils with purple ribbons that have become petals. It should look like the following image:
  2. Tuck the ribbon that has become the flower on the sidelines of the bottle of aqua that has been cut-scissors earlier (which functions as a vase. As shown below:
  3. Cut a panel cloth the size of a bottle of mineral water, glue it to the bottle and decorate it with pearl buttons.
  4. Finishing

Good luck and practice how to make ribbon flower craft on ea friend, be careful if you are doing it there is a small child next to you. creative greetings Indonesia.

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