Making Cute Coffee Cup Shape Dolls

How to make handicrafts - Handicrafts From Felt Fabrics: Making Dolls Form Cute Coffee Cups, Maybe if you are lay in making handicrafts surely you do not or do not know what is the difference between flannel and felt fabric. Flannel and felt fabrics are two types of fabrics that are both made of wool but undergo different processes, and in general felt, fabrics are more widely used to make handicrafts such as dolls and other objects because they have a stiffer texture.

In this tutorial article, we admin will give you a tutorial on how to make a cute and cute coffee cup shape doll. This coffee cup doll you can use for gifts or gifts for boyfriends will certainly be very romantic. 

Felt fabric tutorials are very rare on the internet but overall almost the same as tutorials crafting flannel fabric. For more on how to create it the following steps and stages are accompanied by an image to create it:

Making Cute Coffee Cup Shape Dolls

Dolls of felt fabric Materials and equipment needed:

  • Scissors
  • 2 threads with 1 Sarah color, 1 dark color
  • Sewing Needle
  • 2 flat fabrics with dark and light colors

  1. Step one: First create a coffee cup doll design on plain paper, for the length and size adjust to your liking, whether you want to make dolls with small, medium, and large sizes. The paper design that you need to make is 1 circle used to make glass and coffee mats, 1 glass handle, 1 small rectangle, and 1 large rectangle, The length of the rectangle is 3-5 cm longer than the length of the circle circumference made.
  2. Step two: after the finished paper design then starts using the paper design to form a pattern on the felt fabric.

  • 2 rectangles, one large and one small
  • 2 glass handles will be sewn into one
  • 2 circles of the same size, different colors, one for the base and one for the coffee filling.
  • two eyes and two eye bags
  • Step three: first sew the two eyes first and create a mouth shape. Then attach the eye bags just below the eye.
  • Sew 1 brown circle together with a small rectangle, for how to sew it see in the picture.
  • After you install some parts of the doll it will produce the following parts
  • Sew 2 glass handrails into one
  • and attach them to the body of the glass by sewing it. how to sew it see in the picture.
  • Then insert the coffee circle that has been put together with a small rectangle into a large rectangle or glass body, for its location can be seen in the following image.
  • then sew a large rectangle first and the mouth part of the glass so that it forms a whole glass.
  • sewing also circle 1 other at the base of the glass.
  • You can also add other decorations such as 2 marshmallows with a funny facial expression.
  • And your mug glass doll made of felt fabric is finished

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