Making 2 Handicrafts From Cute Used Cans

Easy to Make: Making 2 Handicrafts From Used Cans That Are Funny - For those of you who want to make use of used cans that are no longer used and want to turn them into something useful as a result of handicrafts, here are two examples of handicrafts that are certainly easy to make both for you adults and by children, the first is to make handicrafts in the form of piggy banks know tissue holders and the second is to make a cute pencil case abis. for the steps how to make it here's the tutorial:

1 - Handicrafts from Used Goods - How to Easily Make a Piggy Bank or Tissue Holder from Used Cans- piles of milk cans, should not be discarded first?

Making 2 Handicrafts From Cute Used Cans

we here can use used cans to make handicrafts that are more useful and have a high value. here's how

Required materials :

  1. Cans used milk size 400 or 900 ml (which has a lid) qty: 1 bh
  2. Cat pilot (color can be anything, bright) for qty base paint: 1 can
  3. Marker snowman paint (black color, dark color) to paint/draw Qty: 1 piece
  4. Used newspaper (for painting mat) qty: 1 lbs

Tools used:

  • Cutter qty: 1 pc

How to make :

  1. Used cans cleaned first (can be washed and dried)
  2. Cans that have been cleaned and then painted using pilot paint. Before spraying pilot paint, the pilot paint can is shaken several times so that the paint liquid inside the can is flat. Spray paint to taste only, (no need to be thick) but flatten to all surfaces of the can. Use used newspapers as a base.
  3. Then the painted cans dry in the sun until dry ground newspaper.
  4. After dry, they can be ready to be painted/drawn using snowman paint markers. The trick is to shake the marker first before using it to draw. Then create an attractive image according to the theme you want.
  5. For Piggy Bank, hole the lid of the can using a cutter, the shape of the hole "STRAIGHT" along +/- 4 cm long, width 0.5 cm to enter banknotes/metals, As for making tissue place can lid perforated with diameter +/- 4 cm by using a cutter.
  6. Install the lid that has been perforated earlier as a can cover.
  7. Done.

2 - How to Make a Pencil Case From Used Cans

Making 2 Handicrafts From Cute Used Cans

Materials and tools :

  • felt (flannel)
  • used cans
  • scissors
  • glue
  • decorations (ribbons, feathers, flowers, or according to your creativity)

How to make :

  1. Apply glue on the tin.
  2. Attach the felt cloth on the outside and the inside of the can.
  3. Apply glue on the bottom of the can.
  4. Attach the feathers to the bottom of the can.
  5. Stick the ribbon in the center of the can.
  6. Paste the flower decoration in the center of the ribbon
  7. The can is ready to be used as a pencil case.

Please try making it, and produce creative and funny handicrafts. profile please click here

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